How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings can be beautiful, with snow-capped scenery and a festive atmosphere. As the weather gets cooler, you may be wondering what to wear to that upcoming winter wedding. It’s an age-old question- how do you look cute AND stay comfortable? First off, make sure you have a coat that will keep you warm, and consider wearing layers underneath your dress or suit. It is also important to take the time of day into account. A daytime wedding may call for a more casual look, while an evening wedding will necessitate something more formal.

Winter weddings often have a more formal atmosphere, making it the perfect opportunity to dress up in your finest attire (or your fanciest santa suit). When choosing a dress for a winter wedding, opt for something to keep you warm. A fur stole or cape is also a great way to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. As for colors, rich jewel tones are always a good choice for winter. And remember to accessorize! A statement necklace or pair of earrings can help to elevate your look. Keep reading to learn what to wear to a winter wedding from the experts at Grand Rapids Bride.

Formal Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

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Winter weddings often have richer, earthier color schemes than other weddings, so guests should try to avoid dresses that are too light or airy. Formal guest dresses for a winter wedding should balance style and comfort. This balance lets you look good while being comfortable enough to show off your best moves on the dance floor. For example, try a woolen shift dress with long sleeves and a high neckline since it is warm and stylish. Also, a velvet wrap dress with elbow-length sleeves is perfect, as you can easily accessorize it with a statement necklace or earrings. A sparkly ball gown with embellished details will make any guest feel like a princess. Keep in mind to never outdo the bride! Whatever look you settle for, having formal accessories like a clutch can complete the outfit.

And don’t forget the proper etiquette for a formal wedding. The timing is what dictates the attire. If a wedding’s reception starts at or after 6:00pm, it is formal. If it is before, you should consider cocktail or semi-formal attire.

Cocktail Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

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A cocktail dress is a great option for most winter weddings. To stay warm, opt for a style with long sleeves or layers. But don’t sacrifice style for comfort – plenty of gorgeous cocktail dresses are available in winter-friendly fabrics. Opt for a dress in a rich, wintery fabric like velvet or wool. These fabrics will not only keep you warm, but they will also add a touch of luxury to your look.

Also, you can opt for a bolero jacket to keep your arms warm. Cocktail dresses are available in many different silhouettes, which makes them versatile enough to fit the mood of any wedding. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color (except for white, unless otherwise specified). Deep jewel tones are always festive and appropriate for cocktail winter weddings.

Semi-Formal Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

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A semi-formal winter wedding will, of course, require a slightly more formal dress than a casual summer wedding. Try a long sleeve lace dress. Lace is always elegant, and long sleeves will keep you warm without looking too heavy. Alternatively, go for a short sleeve velvet dress.

Try a sequined mini dress if you’re looking for something more fun and festive. Sequins add just the right amount of sparkle to an outfit, and a short hemline will show off your legs (perfect for dancing the night away). Navy, black, and plum are all excellent color choices. For women, a long-sleeved dress or skirt and blouse ensemble is ideal. And for men, a dark suit with a crisp white shirt is always classic and flattering.

Casual Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

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There are lots of great options for casual winter wedding guest dresses. A maxi dress with long sleeves is a great choice for a daytime wedding, while a dress with a shorter hemline is more appropriate for an evening event. Consider a sequined or embroidered dress if you want something more festive. Make sure to pick one made from a thicker fabric like wool or cashmere. Whatever you choose, stay away from flimsy materials like chiffon or silk. Accessorizing your casual winter wedding dress means everything. And for the love of all things holy, please don’t EVER wear jeans to a wedding! Oy Vey!

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