What to Include on Your Wedding Website

Have you found yourself wondering “what should I include on my wedding website?” Well, we’re here to give you a few pointers! If you aren’t aware, wedding websites are made by engaged couples to be the information hub on all things wedding related. A wedding website will help your guests know exactly what’s happening on your wedding day (or weekend) and what to expect! Let’s dive in on some details you may want to include!


Registry Details

wedding registry items stacked on white boxes against a blue backdrop
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We’ve heard over and over that it’s inappropriate to put your registry details on your invitation, but then where should you put it where you know people will see? Many couples will put a QR code on their wedding invitations that takes you directly to their wedding website. Here, you can have a whole tab dedicated to your registry!


Announce that your wedding is no kids allowed

notecard stating that this is a no kids allowed wedding

It’s very important that you make this clear either on your invitations or on your website! Try saying something like “Please join us for an adults only reception at…” or “We love your little ones, but this is an adults only event!” and fingers crossed there’s no hard feelings!


dress code details

wedding guests standing in a line smiling outside with trees and mountains behind them

If you’re planning on having a dress code, consider going in depth on it on your website! Some couples will make a mention of it on the invitation, but words like “black-tie” and “cocktail” can get confusing. We recommend diving deeper into what you mean (such as color, length, style, accessories) so guests aren’t wondering what they can and can’t wear!


transportation and lodging

bride and groom standing in the aisle between wedding guests on a bus
Photo Courtesy of Wild Whim

If you plan on blocking rooms off at a hotel, or have arranged for transportation, include these details on your site! Anyone you invite from out of town will be pleased to know they they don’t have to find their own accommodations, so make sure to include everything they need to know so they don’t make other plans!


health and safety guidelines

bridesmaids wearing customized masks at wedding

Many couples these days have a guidelines section for how they’re going to handle safety measures for their big day! Include how you and your partner would like to keep everyone safe, and don’t be afraid to be strict with your rules in fear on some guests not attending. Your guests will like to know what to expect, and the real ones will show up no matter what!


your love story description

gay couple outside in california one man hugging the other from behind

This one is less for putting out information, and focuses more on what weddings are all about: love! Add a description of how you two met, your favorite things about one another, and how you got to the point of wanting to spend your lives together! We think this idea is really sweet and gives your guests a glimpse into the love they’re coming to celebrate.


There are many more details you may decide to put on your wedding website, but the ones we listed above are a must! Update your website frequently with any changes or additions you would like to make. It doesn’t need to be perfect by any means from the moment you send out your wedding invitations!



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