What to Include in Your Wedding Hangover Kits!

hangover kit for wedding guests
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There’s nothing quite like waking up after a night of drinking. The light is assaulting your eyeballs, your head is pounding, and you’re most likely dehydrated. We hope to help you avoid the pain of a hangover with these products! Wedding hangover kits may be some of the most useful favors you can give out! Even if your guests don’t use them right away the day after your wedding, all of these products will definitely be used in the future. The great thing about these kits is you can decide how much or how little you want to put in them. We picked out our favorite products to get you started in case you’re not sure where to begin!


The Good Patch Hangover Patch

hangover patch with orange packaging with a disco ball on it
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Stick this patch on the inside of your wrist or the top of your foot either before or after drinking and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed! The Good Patch has SO many amazing reviews praising the power of these mighty little patches. These can be a life saver for many of your guests, they’ll definitely be thanking you for this!


Liquid I.V. Packets

liquid iv packaging against a white background
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So many people swear by Liquid I.V. for being the ultimate hangover cure! They’re a drink mix filled with 5 essential vitamins that you stir into 16oz of water. They are proven to provide 2-3 times the hydration than water alone and 3 times the electrolytes that come in sports drinks! Say goodbye to dehydration by providing your guests with Liquid I.V.!


$5 Coffee gift card

$5 starbucks giftcard

Slip a little gift card to your favorite coffee place in your hangover kits. If there’s one thing that can help anyone feel more awake and kill the drowsiness that comes with a hangover, it’s coffee! Your guests are going to love you for this.


Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks

blue and white fuzzy socks on a white background
Photo Courtesy of Earth Therapeutics

These will come in handy especially if you’re having a Winter wedding! These aloe infused socks are soft, durable, and super comfy. Your aching feet will thank you for these after your night of tearing it up on the dance floor!


No Crease Hair ties

6 scunchies bunches together against a white backdrop
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Nobody wants to deal with their appearance when they’re hungover, and you can never have too many hair ties so this is an essential for the kit! Try going with no crease hair ties or scrunchies, they’re much less damaging to hair and don’t give you that awful bump when you take your hair out!


Advil Ibuprofen tablets

advil package
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The OG pain reliever for headaches and overall pain in the body! These over the counter tablets work for almost every person, so it’s a safe bet to include these in your hangover kits.




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