What to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

Oh my god the day is almost here! Don’t freak out, we know the night before your wedding can be stressful! The key is to keep yourself busy and to stay organized. With these tips we put together, we hope your night goes as smooth as possible so you’re rested and prepared when you wake up.


Reception Bag

bride standing with bouquet in one hand and a white circle purse in the other
Photo Courtesy of Lucy Cuneo

You may think you don’t need a purse on your wedding day, but having one on hand at your reception could be super helpful! Don’t think you need your whole emergency kit! Just the essentials. Pack a small bag with your phone, lipstick, credit cards, key for home or hotel, and anything else you think would be good to have on hand.


Double check and organize payment for vendors

wedding thank you card

If you’re doing your payments digitally, schedule your payments so they’re ready for the next day! If you’re handing out cash or checks, organize envelopes of cash and a write a short thank you note for each of your vendors.


practice walking in your shoes

We hope you didn’t wait until the night before to practice walking in your shoes! But more specifically than just walking around, practice walking in a straight line so you know what to expect while walking down the aisle. Also, if you haven’t done it yet, scuff up the bottom of your shoes with sandpaper so you don’t slip!


keep up with your skin care routine

illustration of bride with face mask on
Illustration Courtesy of Louisa Cannell

You’ve most likely heard it before, but keep up with your same skin care routine! Don’t switch up products last minute, or try a face mask you’ve never used. The last thing we need is your skin breaking out the day of your wedding!


Drink a lot of water

woman with pink sleep mask on her forehead holding a glass of water in bed

Keep your body hydrated and keep water next to you at all times, especially the day before! Don’t avoid drinking water, no matter how much you want a coffee or an energy drink the morning of, opt for water instead to keep your stomach from possibly hurting from the caffeine.


eat something healthy

healthy snack platter with crackers, hummus, veggies, and fruits

Waking up in the morning after eating greasy processed foods can make the body super tired! Opt for something healthy and stay away from super sugary or processed snacks. Instead, eat snacks like veggies and hummus, trail mix, a smoothie, or avocado toast!


write your fiancé a love letter

journal full of writing with a pencil in the middle of the pages

You can keep it short and sweet, but write your partner a final little note before you’re married! Not sure what to write? Try writing how you’re feeling, if you’re nervous or excited, what you’re looking forward to on your wedding day, what you’re most nervous for on your wedding day, and why you can’t wait to get married! This is something you and your partner will look back on every anniversary and it will bring back all of the emotions.


watch your comfort show/movie

gay couple watching tv with dog
Photo Courtesy of Kike Arnaiz

There’s nothing like putting on your comfort show or movie to ease the nerves! After you’ve finished all of your tasks, take this moment to sit back and relax.



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