What NOT to Bring on Your Honeymoon

If there’s one thing most humans can agree on it’s that we HATE packing! Packing is tough because you either feel like you’re under-packing overpacking, mostly the latter. When packing for an important trip like your honeymoon, there are some things that you should just avoid bringing altogether. We put together a list of things to leave home to hopefully make packing easier!


A perfect wardrobe

woman pushing down a full suitcase
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How many times have you overpacked for a vacation and only worn 3 outfits? Especially if you’re on a tropical vacation; most days go PJs, swim suit, dinner outfit, PJs. You don’t need to pack 20 outfits that you definitely won’t wear! Pack a couple cute outfits and some comfy clothes and you should be good.


work laptops

couple on honeymoon

This one should be obvious, but we HAVE to mention it, some of you are workaholics that need to be stopped! This is a time for you and your partner to be completely focused on each other with no distractions. There’s nothing that kills the mood more than taking a business call in the middle of your lunch date. For the sake of your partner and yourself, stop working!


your engagement ring

bride showing off engagement ring on honeymoon
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Okay, hear us out. You don’t want your ring getting stolen or lost, especially if you’re going to be in crowded unfamiliar places. Opt for a fake ring to wear instead. Better to be safe than sorry (and ringless)!


cell phones

lesbian couple hanging out by a waterfall in the jungle

Haha just kidding. But consider leaving phones behind on beach days! If anything, the camera should be your most used app during your honeymoon. One post here and there is okay, but maybe opt for a good book on the beach rather than scrolling through TikTok. It’ll be better for your mental health, and will keep you more grounded and in the present moment.


expensive / sentimental things

woman sitting with cartier bracelet and rolex watch on

Leave your Rolex and Cartier bracelet at home! There are some things that you should never travel with, and expensive or sentimental items are two of them. If you want to feel boujee on your honeymoon, maybe splurge on a new expensive dress instead of accessories. It’s much more common for accessories to get stolen, so honeymooning without your favorite luxury or vintage handbag might be the best idea.




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