Wedding Tips For Introverts

Being introverted in a very social society can be draining sometimes! Just going to weddings can already be overwhelming in and of itself, but throwing your own? Overwhelming but on overdrive. We’re here to hopefully help you calm your nerves a bit by utilizing some of these tips. Having a wedding as an introverted person doesn’t have to be this big overwhelming thing. Being prepared is your biggest key factor, don’t blindside yourself be being unrehearsed and you should be able to have the wedding of your dreams, no problem!


Find a smaller more casual wedding venue

wedding venue ceremony in a greenhouse with wooden chair set up
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Having the attention on you is one thing, but having the attention on you in some grandiose unfamiliar building is another. Finding a smaller more casual wedding venue will definitely help you feel more in control on your wedding day. Being comfortable in your space is HUGE, especially on a day as nerve-wracking as your wedding. It’s much easier to feel content in a smaller setting, so this is your sign to be as picky as you want when choosing your venue.


Be purposeful with your guest list

bride and groom holding sparklers with wedding guests

This one is really huge. Feeling comfortable and confident on your wedding day can have a lot to do with your guest list. For this reason, avoid inviting plus ones and coworkers that may give you anxiety. Cross-off anybody on your list that you would feel uncomfortable talking to in general, or haven’t talked to in over a year. Revert back to the quote, “go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” Choose your guest list and ask yourself if every single one of those people fully support and love you and your partner.


Don’t be afraid to practice

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Practice everything so you know what to expect! Practice walking in your shoes, walking down the aisle, reciting vows, your first dance, small talk, and yes, your kiss! Beat the feeling of uncertainty with making yourself familiar with everything you’ll be doing on that day. Weddings are anything but ordinary. Sometimes people can forget that you’ve most likely never done this before, so go easy on yourself!


Have an intimate wedding morning

bride sipping tea morning of wedding
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The last thing you need the morning of your wedding is a million people surrounding you. The goal is to feel calm and serene and ready to take on the day. It’s kind of hard to do that with 15 people all up in your business. As an introvert, you’ll definitely need some alone time to recharge your battery, so keep the circle small while you’re getting ready. Just having your maid of honor and mom in the room may be all the people you can take, so make sure to tell your wedding party ahead of time your morning of plan (since many brides get ready with their bridesmaids).


Designate a point person

bride and maid of honor smiling at each other outside

To avoid being bombarded with questions, designate a point person who knows pretty much everything about your wedding day. Whether it’s your wedding planner or your super extroverted and organized best friend, having a point person will take a lot of weight off of your back on the day of.


Do a first look

bride tapping groom on the shoulder for first look
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Doing a first look is a great idea for introverts! It reduces the stress of feeling like you need a huge reaction while walking down the aisle. Also, you’ll be able to see your partner before the ceremony which will calm your nerves sufficiently!


Recite your vows privately

bride and groom facing each other close up shot of their hands both holding vows

As an introvert, there’s probably nothing you hate more than public speaking! And then being expected to speak in front of all of your closest loved ones while being your most vulnerable self? Nope. Bye. Consider reciting your vows privately to one another instead. It will be such a sweet intimate moment between the two of you and there’s no added pressure of everyone staring at you.


Hopefully these tips help you feel more prepared going into your wedding. At the end of the day it’s about you and your partner, so don’t hesitate to be untraditional with some of your decisions! After all, this day should cater to you two and only you two so make yourselves as comfortable as you can!



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