Wedding Smoke Bombs! 💣

The trendiest of today’s trends has got to be the wedding smoke bomb! And we are so here for it! Not only do they create the most incredible backdrop to take your wedding photos to a whole new level, but they also offer a playful way to add an unexpected element to your wedding, with their incredible pops of color. You can hold them for a crisp burst of color around you or place them farther away for a dream-like, ethereal effect.  Whichever way you use them, they are sure to make your wedding unforgettable!

There are some things you will want to keep in mind if you are considering using smoke bombs at your wedding. First, they can stain; however, if you hold them or place them a few feet away, you should be fine. Never a bad idea to do a test run in your street clothes beforehand. Once you pull the trigger, they take up to 10 seconds to fully release—and they last about 90 seconds so move fast! It’s best to work with a photographer that has worked with smoke bombs before. Also, be sure to check with your venue or photoshoot location to make sure you are permitted to use smoke bombs onsite—they are technically considered a firework!

Check out all the ways these couples incorporated them into their big day!



bride and groom kissing in front of blue and green smoke bomb
photo by mandilynn photography

Talk about something BLUE! They way that these green and blue smoke bombs make the perfect ombré is amazing! Full disclosure, green and blue are my two favorite colors, so this one is a winner winner 🐥 dinner for me! Also, I have been really preferring floral crowns over veils lately, in case you were wondering where I stood on that!



bride and groom on dock holding smoke bombs
photo by aaron & whitney

The juxtaposition of this image is so great. You have the these hot pink streams of smoke creating the most beautiful pop of color against the calm lake. That’s some Pure Michigan right there!



groomsmen holding rainbow colored smoke bombs
d. lillian photography

These grooms celebrated their love—their LEGAL love—with this incredible display of rainbow color bombs held by their wedding party! Love is love is love people! 🌈



interracial couple holding orange smoke bombs

The way this couple swung these around themselves to create such a beautiful frame for this picture—swoon 🧡 I love how it matches his boutonniere so perfectly and that color against her skin? Stop. It.



couple walking in forest with red smoke bomb

Talk about sticking to the theme! This red look is everything. And that DRESS!!! ❤️ ❤️❤️  The red pop of color is so striking against the green of the forest. This is a brilliant shot!



bride and groom kissing in front of a jeep surrounded by smoke bombs
photo by wild whim design + photography

With the smoke bombs placed farther away, they create a full backdrop for your photos! Such a pretty ombré effect from orange to pink in this one. And again, with the floral crown…



couple kissing while surrounded by dark grey smoke bomb
photo by bella leigh photography

I am obsessed with this photo. That grey/blue/black smoke is so absolutely gorgeous. And the way they are embracing in front of it just screams romance. 🖤



bride and groom laying in grass with smoke heart made from smoke bombs
salt & pepper by ankit singh

How clever is this series of smoke bombs positioned to create a 💜 around these lovebirds? This top down shot is so cute, but are they supposed to look like they’re running?


We are so excited that we are at the forefront of this trend and will continue to see these amazing photos throughout next year’s wedding season! We love when you tag us on Instagram, so keep posting your smoke bomb pics and tag @grandrapidsbride!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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