Wedding Photography Tips You Need To Know

OMG! You’re getting married and you finally get to curate your DREAM wedding! You’re going to be up to your neck in referrals and research to find the vendors that are perfect for you and your partner, and we’re here to tell you… if you splurge on any vendor for your wedding day, splurge on your photographer. Seriously. When your big day is all said and done, your wedding photos and videos are going to be the only thing to really take you back to your wedding day. So here are some wedding photography tips for you to keep in mind so you can help construct your perfect photos!


Hire a photographer you TRUST to capture your big day

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This is really big. You need to vibe with your photographer like you would a close friend since you’re going to spend more time with them on your wedding day than your fianc√©! When choosing a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that they really understand your vision. And you want to be able to trust them whole heartedly to bring that vision to life! If you aren’t on the same page it’s going to show and that leaves so much room for dissatisfaction, which is the last thing we want! Really get to know your photographer, and be open so they can get to know YOU! Wedding photography is all about telling YOUR love story through photos, so be vulnerable and let them in. It’ll totally be worth it in the end when you are stress free come your wedding day.


Create a shot list with your wedding photographer

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What is a shot list, you may be asking? It’s a simple checklist of every photo you would like to shoot that day so you don’t miss anything. It can include reference photos or extra details like certain lighting or camera angles. If you have a really specific vision with a whole Pinterest board of inspo, go over this with your photographer! That way the two of you will be on the same page and can curate a shot list to capture every little thing.


Allow your wedding photographer to take charge

Photographers are professionals for a reason. They know their stuff. Trust in your wedding photographer to know the best locations with the best lighting! You should be able to follow your photographer blindly. Plain and simple.


Schedule time for a quick golden hour couples shoot

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Golden hour photos! Everybody’s fav, for good reason. Golden hour gives off that dreamy romantic lighting that every photographer LIVES for. So make sure to add time into your schedule for a quick 10 minute golden hour shoot!


Be yourselves and have FUN

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Sometimes it’s really weird to be in front of a camera. This is why we recommend never skipping out on engagement photos! This will give you a chance to see how you and your photographer connect, and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Hopefully by doing this you’ll be WAY comfier on your wedding day. So loosen up those shoulders, and don’t be afraid to let your personality SHINE!


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