Wedding Ideas That are SO in Right Now!

2022 weddings are bringing the style! With the ever-changing world that is the wedding industry, it’s so hard to stay up to date with new wedding trends and what’s in and what’s out. There are so many wedding ideas we’ve seen this year that we’re super in love with, so we thought we’d share some of the more popular ones with you!


Themed Parties

4 girls standing in front of streamers and disco ball balloons

Whether it’s your bachelorette party or your bridal shower, themed parties are in right now. But like, when were they not in? Themed parties are the best. Some of our favorite themes include disco, western, and masquerade! There’s always the option to go to funny route too, like a “dress up like a bald celebrity” party. Whatever floats your boat!


Virtual Save the Dates

save the date paper and phone with save the date sitting against a white backdrop

These are a money saver and are a great idea if you don’t really care about stationary. Some couples decide to print out a few physical invitations to save for themselves (and any elderly wedding guests who may not have a computer), and then just send the rest virtually. Since it’s all online, this is a super easy way to keep track of your RSVPs, especially if you have a wedding specific email.


Stylish Wedding guest attire

a bride and 3 wedding guests standing in front of a wall of tropical leaves and laughing
Photo Courtesy of Chris and Ruth Photography

If there’s one thing we all learned from 2020, it’s that we should never take going out and dressing up for granted! If you want stylish wedding guest attire, make sure to mention a dress code on your wedding invitations and give a few examples. People like examples when it comes to dress codes because honestly, we aren’t living in a time where everyone just knows what “cocktail” and “black tie” mean. Also, if your wedding has a theme like “garden” or “bohemian” and you want people to dress on theme, mention that in the invite with examples as well!


Long Wedding Weekends

Grooms holding hands walking down the aisle while wedding guests clap
Photo Courtesy of Hallie Kohler

So the “big day” isn’t just a day anymore! Having 2 or 3 day weddings is on the rise in the US, with an astounding 80% of couples choosing to go this route. This is how these weekends usually go; day one is a welcome party, day two is the ceremony and reception, and day three is a goodbye brunch! Make it clear on your invitations that it’s completely okay and not expected of every guest to be at every event in the three days. Because let’s face it, three days is a big commitment for your guests to make for you, especially if the guest list isn’t small!


Open Air tents

white open air wedding tent with reception tables and green garlands handing from the ceiling
Photo Courtesy of Sterling Engagements

It’s no doubt that open air tents are the big thing right now. It’s the perfect solution to having an outdoor wedding without the outdoors being all up in your business. Tents are great to block any harsh sunlight, but not closed in so you can still feel the warm breeze. Not to mention all of the ways you can decorate any tent to match with your theme and wedding colors!




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