Wedding Hacks You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

These wedding hacks will absolutely change the game come your wedding day! With weddings, there comes so many things to remember, but these hacks will (hopefully) make things go a lot smoother. Open up your notes app on your phone and copy and paste everything you haven’t already thought of!


Use a Perfume that repels mosquitos

victoria's secret bombshell perfume against a white backdrop

So yeah, this is a thing! Certain perfumes can double as a mosquito repellant! The most effective perfumes are Victoria’s Secret bombshell and Avon Skin So Soft bath oil! These two scents can repel mosquitos for about 2 hours. Who would’ve known, right? While testing out perfumes for your wedding day, it might be worth looking into a few that repel insects if you’re having an outdoor wedding!


Use Heel attachments to avoid sinking into the grass

heels laying in grass with heel attachments on

Again, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, these are a game changer. If you’re someone who loves a good kitten heel, pumps, or any kind of stiletto, you NEED these! This way, you can have your dream outdoor venue and your dream wedding shoes, it’s a win-win!


use a glue stick for envelopes

white, burgundy, and light blue wedding envelopes in a bowl on a white backdrop

This might be obvious, but there isn’t many times these days when we need to send envelopes out via snail mail. Just remember to pick up a few glue sticks when you’re putting together your invitations! Also, with the whole pandemic thing, it might not be a good idea to lick anything you’re giving to someone else! 😂 Just a thought though.


use popsicle sticks on your programs

wedding programs with green and pink lettering against a wooden table

This way, your programs will double as fans! Outdoor Summer wedding are all the rage until your guests are sitting in the sun and there is no wind to be found! Trust us, your wedding guests will thank you for this one.


Use eyelash glue to keep your necklace on straight


No need to worry about adjusting your necklace all day! #weddinghacks #weddingtok #weddingtips #weddingplanningtips

♬ Forever – Labrinth

This is a wedding hack we recently saw on TikTok by the user @samantha_sickels and we are obsessed. We can’t believe we’ve never seen this before but wow, it is seriously SO helpful! Use this hack to make sure your necklace never goes out of place thorough your day, especially for pictures! Let’s be real, it’s so annoying looking back through photos to see that your necklace clasp and extra chain is front and center.


Avoid dairy a few days before the wedding

vegan breakfast bowl with on a marble table

Dairy can cause bloating and we do NOT want that on your wedding day! On top of this, milk, cheese, and yogurt can lead to breakouts. A couple more things you shouldn’t consume a few days before your wedding include carbonated drinks, caffeine (I know, we’re sorry), high sodium foods, and processed food. We know, it’s a lot! But your body will thank you when your tummy isn’t hurting from the food you’re eating! If it makes things any easier, try adopting a vegan lifestyle for a week. This way, looking up recipes will be easy and you won’t have to substitute anything!


rough up the bottom of your shoes

indian bride putting on her wedding heels

We just don’t want you slipping. If you bought new shoes for your wedding day, remember to break them in. Wear them around the house, walk up and down the stairs, make sure they don’t give your blisters, and use sandpaper on the bottoms to make them less slippery. The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is your feet hurting or you slipping as you’re walking down the aisle! So, don’t take these tips lightly!


There you have it folks, wedding hacks that will make your life so much easier on your big day! Have any more hacks you think brides need to hear? DM us on Instagram!



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