5 Wedding Don’ts: What NOT to do at Your Wedding

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Let’s talk about what NOT to do at your wedding. We’re just looking out for you here and want you to have the best day you possibly can! The most important tip we could give anyone for their wedding day, is to stay in the present moment. It might not seem like a hard thing to do, but when you have obstacles in your way like fatigue from not eating, drinking too much, or wearing killer high heels, it can take away from being present! So, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Don’t Get Plastered

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You want to remember your wedding day, don’t you? It’s easy to get carried away at weddings (especially if there’s an open bar), but try to be mindful of how much you’re drinking at your wedding!


Don’t Skip Meals & Drink Water

Table full of brunch foods like fruit, pancakes, eggs, waffles, and orange juice

The nerves are going to get to you on your wedding day. Most times, those nerves will have your stomach in knots, and that’s definitely an appetite suppressor. Assign someone in your bridal party to make sure you eat! You might not want to, but your body will thank you for it. Also, drink water! With the chaos that is getting ready on your wedding day, drinking water most likely won’t be on your mind. Keep a water bottle nearby, and set water break reminders on your phone to go off every 30 minutes-an hour!


Don’t Pick Out Heels That Will Kill Your Feet

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This one is pretty self explanatory. When you’re buying your wedding day shoes, focus on comfortability above all else, your feet will thank you for it!


Don’t Forget to Party

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Sometimes, couples can get too wrapped up in hosting that they forget to party! This is why it’s good to plan out a timeline for everything, even little things, like when you’re going to carve out time to speak to your guests. Many couples will set time aside at dinner to talk to all their guests. This way, it’s easy to make your way around to everyone, since they’ll all be seated. You may be asking, when do my partner and I get to eat? It’s become popular for couples to have a separate dinner, just the two of them, before the guests eat dinner. Married couples often reflect on how little time they got to spend with each other on their wedding day, so planning a private dinner is a great way to have that alone time before stepping into the reception chaos!


Don’t Spend Time on Your Phone

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Be in the present moment every chance you can get on your wedding day. Leave your phone with a trusted loved one, or better yet, just leave it at home! With your photographer and loved ones capturing the night on their cameras and phones, you have no reason to be on yours. After all, isn’t anyone you would want to contact¬†on your wedding day, already at your wedding?


All in all, just try to make the most of your wedding day! This is your day, don’t forget it!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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