Wedding Day Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

Bride walking down the aisle with bride holding an umbrella for her
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Your wedding day will most likely feel like a hectic whirlwind because of the sheer amount of things to remember to do! This list we’ve compiled of wedding day tips will help tone down some of that stress, and also make you say “I never thought of that!”


Gather all of your flat lay items in a shoe box

Wedding flat lay items against a pink background. Items include invitations, flowers, perfume, and pearl earrings.
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The night before your wedding, gather all of your details and place them in a shoebox or a box of that size to give to your photographer! This ensures that everything stays organized and nobody’s rushing around on the day-of trying to find everything for the flat lay!⁣

Here’s some items to include:⁣
– Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new
– Rings⁣
– Invitation suite
– Hair accessories
– Jewelry
– Cuff links
– Shoes
– Garter⁣
– Perfume


Make a Morning-Of Playlist

Bride smiling and getting ready with bridesmaids
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Music is the best thing when you want to get pumped up, get in a celebratory mood, or just set the tone for the entire day! Fun fact: did you know that listening to music activates the production of dopamine—the hormone that affects emotional behavior and mood—in your brain? I mean, who needs drugs when you’ve got a killer playlist! 🎧 ⁣

Have a Photo Minute

Wedding guests with their phones out taking pictures at the wedding ceremony

Wedding guests are notorious for taking their phones out to get pictures of the wedding ceremony and ruining all of the professional photos! We don’t want you to have to go through this, so we suggest asking your officiant to announce a photo minute! This is a minute during the ceremony where guests can take out their phones to snap a photo or two. Some couples have also done two kisses, the first one for the professional photos to be taken, and the second for guests to take a picture.


Ask the officiant to step away for the first kiss

Wedding first kiss where the groom is dipping the bride
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There have been too many first kiss photos that have been ruined by the officiant in the back! Avoid this by asking the officiant (before the ceremony) if they could step out of the way before the kiss. You’ll thank us for this one!


Hide tissues in your bouquet

Bride holding bouquet with greenery and pink roses
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Hiding a tissue in your bouquet ensures that little to no makeup will be ruined at the ceremony! We want to save your beautiful face from tear streaks at all costs! Many MOH’s will do this and stuff in a few extra for the bride. The bride can of course stuff a couple in her bouquet as well for tears walking down the aisle! So, if you’re a maid of honor or a bridesmaid that wants to save the day when it comes to tears at the altar, stuff those tissues well, girl!


Remember to feed your vendors

Wedding dinner plates with food on them
Photo Courtesy of Kate Headley, Catering by Shinola Hotel

Real talk: Without your vendors your wedding would simply be a mess! Remember, they need to eat too, so make sure you feed your vendors, but to do it strategically so they don’t miss anything important! ⁣The vendors you need to have meals for are your photographer, videographer, wedding planner, the band or DJ, and any assistants that come along. Any other vendors that are only present for the ceremony, i.e. the florist, you don’t need to feed. Most caterers have an option for what to feed vendors so make sure to talk with them to get everything situated! ⁣

Brides talked about how “Timing is everything. When it comes to your wedding planner, photographer and videographer, plan to have them eat while dinner is being served at the reception—that way they won’t miss anything major.” As for the DJ/band make sure they eat during cocktail hour before guests are seated for dinner! 🍽⁣


Don’t lock your knees

Line of bridesmaids standing at the altar

Locking your knees can lead to fainting because it hinders the flow of blood to your brain. The lack of circulation often leads to a light-headed feeling and can end in the individual fainting. Inform your parter and your wedding party of this, because the last thing you need is a man down in front of all of your wedding guests!


We want your wedding day to run as smoothly as possible! We hope that with the help of these tips, it does! There are so many factors that go into your wedding day, so keep a list of things you think you may forget! The little things like stuffing a few tissues into your bouquet, can make a huge difference!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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