Ways to make a grand entrance!

Do you remember in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation when Clark says, “We’re not just any family, we’re the Griswolds!” Well, you’re not just any Bride and Groom, you’re YOU! So make a grand entrance, damn it!

I mean, I don’t want you to punch a moose in the nose, but you get the idea…


I literally die every time I see this! 😂

OK, back to entrances you actually WILL consider…Here are some fun entrance ideas that we’ve rounded up:


Motorized Toy Cars

I feel like you just need to hit up any of your friends with kids and you’ll easily find a fleet of these you can borrow! Definitely, a way to bring some comedy to your entrance. If you have a ring bearer and/or flower girls, this would definitely be a fun way for them to enter in style!



If you’re getting married on a beach, near a beach, at a marina, yacht club, or anywhere with water, this is such a fun way to make your entrance! I’ve even seen a bride and groom go waterskiing—in their gown and tux—after their ceremony! So fun! And daring! Gotta love living in the Great Lakes State!



This one definitely brings the wow factor. Just make sure you are ok dancing on a sea of confetti afterward! Unless you have a killer staff at your venue that will do a quick clean up during your dinner and before the dancing!



I love how this one lets you zoom around town with your new hubby in your dress for everyone to see! And, natch, you need to have the balloons with you just because it looks so cute! This would actually be so cool if everyone in your wedding party caravaned on mopeds together!



Rollerskates bring all the fun! This one is pretty daring too, since you better feel comfortable on these babies! Tip: going to the ER is a total wedding buzzkill; don’t do that.



Here is what I like about this one: there is an amazing new technology of pyrotechnic “sparkler” machines that are not hot. In fact, you can put your hands right into the sparks. I’m not entirely sure how they’ve done this, but I love it, as it’s made this option so safe—especially for indoor spaces! They look so cool but have been prohibited in the past due to the fire risk. But now, you can feel really safe with this cool feature!



I know, I know. This is clearly not for everyone, but come on—I HAD to include it! It’s just too cool! Can you imagine arriving at your wedding reception in this? Bad ass.


Are you doing something special for your arrival? Most of these are pretty extravagant and unique, but even pulling up in a vintage car or a cool trolley is awesome! Tell us in the comments below what your arrival plan is!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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