Ways to incorporate your pup into your wedding

On your wedding day, you want to be surrounded by friends, family, and everyone you love. Well, I’d certainly say your dog is all three! According to the American Kennel Club, millennials are the largest segment of pet owners. So, it makes sense that many couples getting married today want to include their beloved dog into their big day! We love the idea of incorporating your pup into your wedding. And the best part is that there are so many unique ways to do so… from giving him or her a role in the ceremony to honoring him or her in your stationery or favors.

You will definitely want to make sure that your wedding ceremony site and reception venue (if applicable) are both willing to allow dogs on-premise. This will obviously make a difference in how you incorporate your four-legged friend! Also, be sure to consider your dog’s temperament and personality. Is he or she good around big crowds of people? Is he/she trained with the basic commands of sit, stay, don’t eat the bouquet? Dogs that get anxious easily should probably RSVP “no” to participating in the wedding!

But if your doggy is all-in on wedding day festivities, then here are some of our favorite ideas for you to consider:


1. Cufflinks

groom putting on cufflinks with image of his dog on each

Why not give your groom a pair of cufflinks with your dog’s picture on them? This is such a cute way to have your pup close by for the day – especially if it won’t work for him/her to be there! And these are something that can continue to be used beyond your big day! Love these!


2. Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl Attendant

ring bearer and flower girls walking down aisle with dogs

I mean, who doesn’t love this one? What is it about a dog walking down the aisle at a wedding that is so incredibly sweet? I guess at the end of the day, we all have a sweet spot for dogs! The spontaneity and unpredictable outcome is what makes this so fun! It the dog just going to stop and sit down in the middle of the procession? Is he going to see someone and try to jump up on their lap? Or he/she just going to be the perfect pup and make it straight down the aisle with no issues at all? You just don’t know, which is why it’s so fun!


3. Doggy-Inspired Cocktails

dog inspired wedding cocktails menu

Not only do I love the idea of pup-inspired cocktails, but this printed menu is so amazing! This is a really fun and unique way to bring your dog’s presence into your wedding reception! Also, I’m curious what makes Lucy a Vodka girl and Bailey a Whiskey girl? We’ll never know…


4. Just-Married Walk

bride and groom kissing with dogs in matching tuxedos

This is a really sweet way to tell the world “Hey! We just got married!” Parading your pups and your new spouse around will definitely turn heads and inspire some pretty incredible wedding pics!


5. Dog-of-Honor


dog wearing dog of honor hankerchief around neck

Sometimes the closest and most important confidants we have are our fur babies. Why not honor them as such on your wedding day? Let everyone know just how important this guy or gal is at your wedding by bestowing him/her with the appropriate title!


6. Cocktail Napkins

dog printed in gold ink on wedding cocktail napkins

Your cocktail napkins are an easy and subtle way to incorporate our shaggy babies into the cocktail hour of your wedding. How cute is the “wipe your paws” message on these? Pair this with one of the signature doggy-inspired cocktails and you’ve got quite the dog-infused happy hour!


7. Wedding-Day Photos

bride and groom kissing and posing with their dogs on wedding day

Don’t miss the opportunity to include your pup(s) into your wedding day photos! They are important members of your family already; so show this in your photos! Also, someone please let me know how this couple got these babies to sit and pose like this? #mydogwouldneverdothat


8. Wax Envelope Seal

wax seal on envelope with dog silhouette

So you guys already know how giddy I get over stationery anyway. But then add this wax seal with your dog on it? Stop. It. Now. I am literally going to go buy one of these today. And I’m not even getting married. I just need it. You should too!


9. Doggy Bags

doggy bag dog treat station at wedding

For your guests who love their dogs as much as you do, give them a little wedding favor to take home to their pooch! We love this simple, thoughtful, and just adorable idea! I wonder if any of the pups will send a thank you note? 🐾


10. Puppies instead of bouquets

bridesmaids holding puppies instead of bouquets

OK, so we know this may not necessarily have to do with your dogs….but, come on! Carrying puppies down the aisle instead of bouquets! I might be a little obssessed! I’ve actually heard of couples doing this with puppies that are up for adoption at their weddings! Who knows, maybe you’ll help these babies out by finding them a forever home – all while having the cutest wedding procession of ALL time! 🐶


One last piece of advice is to hire a dog-sitter for the day. We actually met an awesome vendor at our Grand Rapids Wedding Affair last year who does just this! They have the entire process so dialed in that you won’t have to worry about anything with your pup on your big day! Check them out HERE!

Are you incorporating your doggies into your wedding? Tell us in the comments below! Or post a pic on Instagram and TAG US!

Happy Wedding Planning!




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