Don’t Forget to Do These Things When Wedding Planning

Having a wedding is no east feat. There are so many details that go into wedding planning, it’s no wonder things get forgotten! Make a note in your phone and start a list of random details you need to remember to do! Share the note with your partner so you can both add onto it. Doing this will make you feel a bit more organized without feeling like the task is too big! Just in case you need it, here are some of the little things you may have overlooked when wedding planning, and may want to consider.


Check what time the sun will set

groom lifting up bride and touching foreheads at golden hour
Photo Courtesy of Tanja & Jani Photography

Ignore this one if you aren’t planning on taking golden hour photos! Make a note of what time the sun is setting so you aren’t in the middle of doing something else. Tell your photographer and anyone you want golden hour photos with what time you need to meet up!


budget for gratuity

wedding vendor thank you cards

Don’t overlook gratuity when planning your wedding budget! Try Googling the average amount to tip, or ask around to see what percentage your friends and family tipped their vendors. If you feel certain vendors went above and beyond your expectations, don’t be afraid to up that tip a little bit to show your gratitude!


get extra seats for the ceremony

guests sitting in outdoor wedding ceremony
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People will not usually sit next to each other if they don’t have to. Many groups will leave a space in-between them and the person closest to them, so keep that in mind and plan for extra seating at your ceremony!


ask guests about food allergies and dietary restrictions

Wedding reception buffet sitting on table with white linnens

Make a note of all of your guests with a food allergy or who are vegan or vegetarian! Write up a list of which guests have these restrictions and where they are sitting, and give it to your caterer!


make a “don’t play” list to give to your DJ

woman DJing outside at night

If there is a certain genre or artists you or your partner are not into at all, take preventative measures to make sure that music doesn’t get played!


make sure to eat the day-of

bride eating breakfast with bridesmaids outside
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Seems simple to remember to eat, but let’s be real! So many couples forget to eat on their wedding day because of nerves. We don’t want you passing out on the dance floor because of dehydration or lack of food in your system! Keep a water bottle with you, and make sure you have a big breakfast or lunch waiting for you when you’re getting ready.


We hope this little list helped you catch some things you may have not remembered! Reach out to anyone you know who has gotten married and ask them if they forgot anything on their wedding day. The last thing we want is you scrambling and anxious on your big day because you remembered something last minute. Take all the measures you can to try to think of the little details!



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