Using Chinoiserie for Wedding Decor

Table with chinoiserie decor, flowers, and greenery.
Photo Courtesy of The House of Hanbury

“It’s like denim, it goes with anything. You can style blue and white with anything. Any color, any decor, maximalism, minimalism, metal, bold colors, anything.”  -Laura from The House of Hanbury

Today we interviewed Laura from The House of Hanbury to learn about the magic of chinoiserie! We go over Laura’s personal connection to it, it’s elegant history, and ways for you to use it in your wedding decor! Chinoiserie can be used with any wedding aesthetic, so read more to learn how to incorporate it into your wedding!


What is the House of Hanbury?

Chinoiserie jar, vase, and plate on a table.
Photo Courtesy of The House of Hanbury

Laura started The House of Hanbury about three years ago, and has been a lover of antiques and vintage for her whole life! As a former teacher with no business or marketing background, she took to her business with an open mind ready to learn! The love for antiques really does run in the family; her mother was an interior designer and had a passion for antiques and design, while her father had been taken antiquing so much as a child, that the word “antique” became the first word he could read on a sign! Being in a house full of bright and bold colors and surrounded by antiques, it’s no wonder Laura developed a love for all things vintage, especially classic designs like chinoiserie. Laura is all about functional use for antiques, not just putting them on a shelf to look pretty. She came up with a whole guide that you can read here that talks about just that!


What is chinoiserie and what is the big fascination with it?

Chinoiserie decor on a table with flowers.
Photo Courtesy of The House of Hanbury

Chinoiserie is a word that is used to describe decor that came over to Europe from Asia. Anything with that classic blue and white pattern, or anything with an asian feel like canton china and blue willow, all falls under the term ‘chinoiserie’. During the Victorian era, chinoiserie was reserved for royalty, only being shipped over to use in castles. Eventually, it became mass produced so common folk could buy it too! Laura’s fascination with this style of antique, started when she was young. Her mother had loads of canton in the living room and china cabinet, as well as blue willow, which comes from an old legend. So the story goes, a prince and princess meet and cross a bridge together, which turns the lovers into doves! The pattern reflects this story, so you’re always reminded of the legend every time you see it.


What are some ways that chinoiserie can be incorporated into wedding decor?

Chinoiserie decor placed on a table with pumpkins and greenery.
Photo Courtesy of The House of Hanbury

You can tailor chinoiserie to any style and color scheme. Laura has seen it paired with bold summer colors like turquoise and hot pink, with all white for a classy winter wedding, or with red and green for Christmas weddings! Brides today have been using chinoiserie for things like wedding cakes, plates, and bowls. As for centerpieces, brides use vases, rice pots, and ginger jars by stacking them high and low, or put flowers in them! So, where can you purchase these? You can either buy chinoiserie at TJmaxx and Ross, pay a whole lot of money for the real deal, or do a bit of both! Note that all patterns don’t have to be the same to go together. If a family member lends you any blue willow, don’t hesitate to put it next to a different blue and white pattern.


Why should people should use it over other patterns in their weddings?

Chinoiserie plates
Photo Courtesy of The House of Hanbury

Grand millennial is a huge term right now. This term refers to younger people that have an appreciation for their Grandmother’s china and linens, but also like the modern look. So, it’s a perfect mix of old and new, mixing the modern, by using whichever color scheme you please, while sparking memories of the past! As a bonus: it’s something blue! 😉


Are you wanting to include antiques into your wedding? Are you looking to learn more about chinoiserie? Laura devotes her whole business to all things vintage, so you will be well taken care of if you have any questions! She finds the most amazing pieces, and was so kind to organize collections of certain aesthetics on her website! Don’t forget to follow along on her Instagram, where her content is nothing short of unique!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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