4 Ways to Use a Vintage Truck in Your Wedding!

blue vintage truck parked outside in front of silos
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

We are always looking around for unique elements to include into your wedding day and we just found the perfect thing: a vintage truck! We talked with Andrew of My Vintage Ride to get some info on all the ways that West Michigan couples can use this 1950 5 window Chevrolet pickup in their weddings!


wedding photos

bride sitting in blue vintage truck holding hands with groom standing outside the door
Photo Courtesy of Ruby Marissa Photos

Okay well, this one is the most obvious because who doesn’t want photos of themselves and their partner in a cool vintage truck? This hands-on experience encourages you to utilize every bit of the truck for photos! Sit inside of it, hang your head of the window for a music video moment, sit in the bed of the truck, et cetera. Because it is a vintage truck, Andrew wants to keep it in the best condition possible, so he asks that couples only drive it for a quick video in the parking lot! We know all too well that Michigan winters will not be kind to this vintage ride, so for that reason, the truck is available to book in the months of May-October for weather purposes.


gift station

wedding gift station set up in back of vintage truck
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

How cute is this idea? If you’re having an outdoor ceremony and reception, consider parking this pickup near the entrance so guests can drop their gifts off before sitting down for the ceremony. My Vintage Ride provides signs and props to set up in the bed of the truck, so take advantage of these little wooden signs so your photos will be sure to pop!


tailgate beverage station

3 beverage pitchers set up on white table
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

Okay this might be our favorite idea. Imagine ice cold lemonade and strawberry mint flavored water in giant pitchers set up on wooden crates in the bed of the truck. Or if you’re providing beer and carbonated drinks, set out metal buckets full of ice to act as coolers for your beverages! You’re most likely going to have a beverage station set up anyway, so why not get a bang for your buck and use this vintage truck twice in one day? One for photos earlier in the day, and then for a drink station for the reception!


wedding party photos

wedding party groomsmen standing in front of vintage truck at wedding venue
Photo Courtesy of Ruby Marissa Photos

Instead of just getting photos of you and your partner in the truck, include your wedding party too! There are so many fun poses you and your wedding party could do inside outside and around this vintage truck. Imagine you and your girls with your hands out the window, or all of you squeezed together in the back for a cute group shot! Sometimes group photos can be awkward because not everyone knows how to stand or where to put their hands, but having a prop to lean on like this eliminates that struggle. These are photos you and your besties will cherish forever, and including a vintage prop will make it even more timeless than it already will be!


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