How Photographers can use a Vintage Truck For ALL their clients!

blue vintage truck with trees behind it
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

Let’s talk vintage trucks! Don’t worry, not in the “car buff” kind of way, in the aesthetically pleasing kind of way, which is much more up our alley! We sat down with Andrew Rounds, owner of My Vintage Ride right here in West Michigan to talk about all the ways local photographers can utilize this gorgeous 1950 5 window Chevrolet pickup as a vintage backdrop for their all clients—not just brides!


Family Photography

family photo of a woman hugging a man from behind while he throws their child into the air. behind them is a blue vintage truck on some grass with a fence and trees
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

This vintage ride is perfect for family photos, especially if you have any little ones who are into trucks! Let’s be real, sometimes family photos can be awkward! By suggesting this to families, it brings in the element of a prop for them to use to make the photos more dynamic. We’ve all been in the position where we’re in front of a camera with no idea what to do with our hands. This way, you can direct your clients to just pop their hands on the wheel, the handle of the truck, the side of the bed… the possibilities are endless!


Engagement photography

close up black and white shot of engaged couple touching foreheads. photo taken through the window of a vintage truck
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

How many times have we seen beach engagement shoots? Dare we say too many? (Just kidding, beach engagement shoots are iconic.) Get unique with it and suggest this truck to clients! You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the location, and imagine how beautiful a blown up photo of a couple in this truck would be. Mag-ni-fique! *chefs kiss*


senior photos

interior of blue vintage truck
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

You’d be surprised at the aesthetics that teenagers are into today! Trends come and go, but it’s safe to say that vintage is here to stay. The vintage look will never go out of style and teenagers are absolutely loving it right now. Just look anywhere on the internet! From up-cycling vintage clothes on TikTok, to using vintage filters on Instagram, this truck will undoubtedly catch the eye of young people. Seniors who want a vintage or rustic feel in their photos would love something like this 1950 Chevrolet!


seasonal & holiday photos

vintage truck parked on grass behind two hay bales with blankets and pumpkins on them
Photo Courtesy of My Vintage Ride

There’s nothing cuter than a little vintage truck all decked out for fall! Bring your kids! Bring your dogs! This vintage truck is welcoming to everyone. Families and couples will love to incorporate this vintage truck into their seasonal and holiday photos, so consider renting it out for a few sessions this coming fall! We all need a reason to get us out of the house after summer ends, and shooting with this truck is the perfect thing to do that.


Wedding Photography

bride sitting in vintage truck and groom kissing her head
Photo Courtesy of Ruby Marissa Photos

And—of course—weddings! This truck will give wedding day photos a magical vintage feel! It’s like a fun getaway car without the “getting away” part, since it’s not exactly a car rental. Couples aren’t permitted to drive the car, (unless it’s around the parking lot for a quick video), but the main goal is to just be a prop for their special day! They can sit in it whichever way they please, so make sure to work all the angles of the truck, from the front seat to the bed!


To all of our West Michigan photographers, we hope this gave you some inspo for how to use this vintage truck in your photography! Andrew of My Vintage Ride loves to see the creativity that photographers hold, and hopes that the truck within itself can provide some creativity and inspiration right back!


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