Unpopular Wedding Opinions We Mostly Agree With!

When it comes to the wedding industry, everyone and their mother (literally) have a million opinions on everything! The debate if kids should be allowed at weddings, the outdatedness of the father giving away the bride tradition, the strong opinions about paying for everything for your bridal party, the list goes on and on. We thought it would be fun to weigh in on a few of these unpopular wedding opinions! Do you agree with us? Comment and let us know!


Weddings aren’t a family reunion

black wedding couple dancing with guests at reception
Photo Courtesy of Manny Photos

Or a time to repay social obligation! It may be hard to block the noise from family members but you need to put yourselves first. If there’s family members or old friends that you don’t keep in touch with or have bad blood with, don’t invite them. The last thing you need is to be stressed on your wedding day in fear of having a bad or awkward interaction with one of your wedding guests! It’s your day and your feelings matter most. Don’t invite anyone who doesn’t support you and your partner fully!


bridal parties are not a necessity

bride and groom holding hands in the air and walking back down the aisle
Photo Courtesy of Kambria Fischer Photography

Y.E.S. It’s becoming more common to cut out bridal parties entirely, and we are so here for it! This doesn’t mean your friends can’t have a special role in your wedding day, you can still have a “bridal party table” that they can all sit at, but not having a bridal party can cut your costs to a great extent! Not having to pay for bridal party gifts, getting ready outfits, hair and makeup, etc. allows you to reallocate that money to getting a better photographer, spending more on wedding favors, or just saving that money for your honeymoon!


all best man / MOH speeches sound the same


“Hello from your bridesmaaaaaids!” #weddingvibes #weddingtoast #weddingsing #weddingviral #weddingvideo #weddingday #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration

♬ original sound – withthisringfilms

We partly agree with this. The more weddings you go to, the more the speeches all jumble together in your brain. On the other hand, some speeches we’ve seen are super unique, like the TikTok above where two bridesmaids sing a little “Hello” by Adele parody. This idea is so cute and definitely memorable!


smashing wedding cake in each other’s faces isn’t cute

groom blindfolded and smashing wedding cake in brides face

Yeah… this tradition needs to die. Immediately. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on your hair, makeup, and wedding dress just to have it all ruined by cake. And not just cake, but the most expensive cake you will ever buy! Then you have to go to the bathroom and take time out of your wedding day to clean yourself up? Absolutely not, nope! If you’re planning on doing this, PLEASE talk about it with your partner beforehand to make sure you’re both 100% on board. Do NOT do this as a “surprise” to your partner unless you want a long conversation about trust and communication to happen later in the night.


no one will notice the little details you’re stressing over

whimsical spring floral wedding centerpiece sitting on a wooden table
Photo Courtesy of Greer Gattuso

Okay this one is very true no matter how much we don’t want to admit it! If the centerpieces are all missing daisies even though you specifically instructed your florist to add daisies, there’s a 100% chance your guests will not notice. The day will go on and you’ll realize that the little things you were worried about the morning of, are no longer on your mind! Try to relax and prepare yourself that not everything will go as planned.


mason jars and burlap have no place at a $20k wedding

outdoor rustic wedding with long wooden tables, burlap seat covers, string lights above tables, and greenery table runners
Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Wheeler

This definitely depends on the venue and what vibe you and your partner are into! Some people have been saying that “rustic” is out when it comes to aesthetics, but we just don’t believe that to be true. There are so many takes on the rustic aesthetic that are really beautiful and honestly so timeless. Hate to break it to the mason jar haters, but don’t think this theme is leaving anytime soon!




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