Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas For Every Vibe

Wedding invitations are every one of your wedding guests introduction to your big day! It’s ultimately up to you, but the vibe of the invitation normally gives a little sneak peek into what the aesthetic of your wedding day will be. There’s so much personality you and your partner can put into these invitations that will have your friends and family knowing who’s getting married before they read your name! Let’s take a look at these unique wedding invitation ideas that will hopefully give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for!



white, brown, and light brown minimalistic wedding invites

You can’t go wrong with simplicity! When people think of minimalism it’s usually something along the lines of black and white and small clean print. But if you find that boring, don’t hesitate to add in a pop of color! You can still be minimalistic and have a pop of color! Try a monochromatic look with your favorite color, or pick three colors from your wedding color pallet and go from there. Good news! The minimalistic look will most likely never go out of style, so don’t be afraid to fall back on this style if you can’t find anything else you’re into!


Cottage Core

Cottage core is probably one of our FAVORITE styles! Forest fairy vibes all the way. This aesthetic would work great for a garden party wedding, a forest wedding, or a backyard wedding! If you’re planning on having lots of flowers, plants, and overall greenery at your wedding, these would be great invitations to set the mood.



retro wedding stationary in shades of orange b

These are so cute, are they not? Having a 70s or retro themed wedding is already cool in and of itself, but adding in these invitations will really get your guests excited!



vintage beige wedding invitations laid out next to dried flowers and old keys

These invitations are amazing for a traditional wedding! They’re so classy and elegant and will be a beautiful keepsake. Even if you aren’t having a super traditional wedding, if you have a venue booked that gives off this vintage vibe, these would be great invitations to take inspiration from!



green watercolor wedding invitations laid out with leaves and roses framing them

These are so beautiful! Watercolor, especially this green color, with that white calligraphy is such a great idea if you’re having a spring or summer wedding! Honestly, any outdoor wedding surrounded by greenery would be perfect for this type of aesthetic.



gothic halloween wedding invitations on a black backdrop with flowers framing them

Where are our Halloween witches at? These invitations would get anyone hyped up for an October wedding, or even better, a wedding on Halloween! The gothic theme is absolutely beautiful with the dark color pallet, red roses, and castle-esque wedding decor!


Cartoon Portraits

beige, pink, and blue cartoon portrait wedding invitations

If there’s one unique way to show off your pets on your wedding, it’s through invitations! Many couples with dogs will have them attend the wedding as a very good boy in the ceremony, or by making them part of the wedding party! For people with cats, we know that many don’t do well when taken out of their environment, so you can’t really have them attend the wedding! A great way to still include them could be by putting them on invites or naming your signature drink after them. For more ways to include your pets in your wedding, check out our previous blog post!



illustrated outdoor adventure wedding invitations

For the granola lifestyle! If you and your partner are into hiking, road trips, and any kind of adventure, pull inspiration from these adorable quirky invitations! Try finding a local artist, or one online that you like the art style of, and ask them if they do wedding invites. These are super memorable and definitely give off that adventurous and fun vibe!


Use your Engagement Photos

brown engagement photo wedding invitation

It’s not the most original idea, but they always come out so beautiful! Showing off your love on your wedding invitations is actually such a great idea! This gives wedding guests who haven’t met your partner, a chance to see you two being all lovey-dovey. This idea is great especially for older guests who aren’t on social media.


Which aesthetic are you going with? Once you have yours made, feel free to post a pic on instagram and TAG US! We love seeing how creative people can get and we’re always looking for more inspo, ourselves!



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