Top 5 Tips For Bridesmaids!

Calling all bridesmaids that have never been bridesmaids! You’ve been chosen to be moral, physical, and emotional support during your friend’s fiancé era. And what an honor it is to be asked! As a bridesmaid, you have just a few obligations that we’re going to go over with you. It may sound overwhelming, but this is hopefully going to make your life as a bridesmaid much easier! Let’s get into it.


Make a Checklist of Your Duties

bridesmaids in pink satin dresses holding their bouquets in the air
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Clarify with the bride what exactly your roles are before (and on) the wedding day! Many brides will already have a checklist of things she needs needs help with, but it never hurts to double check. Also, every bride is different. Some will require you to pay for your dress/hair/makeup, and some won’t. Before saying yes to being a bridesmaid, make sure you know these key things: what costs you’ll be paying for, if the bachelorette party is going to require traveling and if you need to take time off of work, and ask if it’s okay if you can do your hair/makeup yourself you can’t afford it.


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

measuring waist with measuring tape for alterations
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Order your dress and get alterations as soon as possible! Set reminders on your phone, mark your calendar, make a to-do list, anything that will help you remember to get your dress situation figured out! There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than forgetting to get your dress altered and running the risk of tripping down the aisle. Let’s try to avoid that at all costs!


Buy YOUR Dress Size, Not Your Dream Dress Size

3 bridesmaids all in dresses in shades of red and pink standing in a field of grass
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Gone are the days of brides and bridesmaids buying dresses in a smaller size to help motivate them to lose weight. We don’t do that, not in this house! Buy your dress in the size you currently are. If you need to make alterations later, do it! But take it from us, don’t waste your money on the wrong size dress! You’ll regret it, and probably feel pretty down on yourself if come wedding day, you still can’t zip it up all the way. You’re gorgeous just the way you are boo, don’t let societies standards get you down!


Factor In Comfortability

brown open-toed heels with braided details
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Try finding cute AND comfy shoes that match your dress. You’ll thank yourself when you aren’t hobbling around the next day with blisters all over your feet. Look for block heels that have a smaller arch and provide padding for arch support! Click the photo above or click here for another example of what to look for!


Invest In Heel Stoppers

high heel in grass with heel stopper on the heel
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If you’re going to an outdoor wedding, these are ideal! Heel stoppers will prevent you from sinking into the grass if you have a skinny heel on your shoe! They’re super cheap and will save your shoes from becoming covered in dirt. Thank us later!




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