The Meaning Behind Your Wedding Flowers

Bride on sand holding her bouquet
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Your wedding flowers are a HUGE part of your wedding day! If you’re one to believe in the power of symbolism, then choosing flowers with meanings that align with you and your partner is a great thing to do for your wedding. Taking a bit of time out to research the flowers you want in your bouquet based on their symbolism instead of choosing them just for looks, can add a whole new level of meaningfulness to your wedding day! Let’s dive into the meaning behind your wedding flowers!



up close shot of a pink carnation flower
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These flowers are great if you’re on a budget! You’ll want to either use white ones meaning “sweet and lovely,” or pink ones meaning “I will never forget you!” The other colors do not have cheerful meanings, with the yellow ones meaning “disdain,” and the two-toned ones meaning “I can not be with you.” So, be careful!



Pink lillies

Based on the color, lily’s have different meanings! Good House Keeping says “White ones signify purity, pink ones signify prosperity, red ones signify passion, orange ones signify pride, and yellow ones signify gratitude.” This special flower can add a whole bunch of meanings, all beautiful and fitting for a wedding!


Red roses

close up shot of a red rose

The red rose holds the meaning of love and desire. There’s a reason that roses are always tied back to love, so don’t hesitate to use them in your wedding. They may be “basic” but let’s be real, roses are timeless. Have your Beauty and the Beast moment, and add red roses to your wedding day!


Baby’s Breath & Daisies

Bouquet of white daisies and baby's breath
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The reason we group these two together, is because daisies and baby’s breath both represent innocence. There are so many emotions tied to love that sometimes us, humans, forget the innocence of it. Take a moment to reflect on when you first fell in love with your partner. When nothing felt convoluted or confusing. It was easy. The innocence of love is a beautiful thing that we should never forget when heading into marriage.



red salvia flowers

Not to be mistakenly read as saliva, salvia has a few different meanings based on the color! Blue salvia means “thinking of you,” while red salvia means “forever mine.” So, if you’re thinking about adding this flower to your wedding day, make sure to stick with red!



up close shot of pink chrysanthemum flowers
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Chrysanthemums hold the meaning of honesty. Honesty is one of the core fundamentals of a healthy relationship, so having Miss chrysanthemum make an appearance on your wedding day would only make sense!



up close shot of a daffodil

The flower of new beginnings! Perfect for your new life with your partner, this flower will brighten up your day with it’s symbolism and it’s beautiful shade of yellow, making weddings the perfect occasion for daffodils!



magenta lilac flowers

Sometimes different shades of flowers have different meanings. For example, purple lilacs represent the first moments of a new love, while magenta lilacs represent a more seasoned love and passion!



Close up of two light pink peonies

These flowers are connected to marriage and romance! This is a great staple for your bouquet. By setting the intention of marriage, all of your other flowers can weave into this core sentiment!



close up of violet flowers

Violets symbolize loyalty, faithfulness, and devotion. What more could you need on your wedding day? Sprinkling these beautiful flowers into your big day will put the energy of “forever” into the air, securing the vows you and your partner make to one another!



close up of a valerian flower
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Images from Pixabay

This flower’s meaning is readiness. If you have this in your wedding bouquet, you’ll be prepared for anything! So take all the confidence you can muster up, and place that energy into this flower! You won’t be disappointed!


What flowers are you incorporating into your wedding? Are you choosing them based on their symbolism? Let us know in the comments of this post!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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