Statement Elements for your wedding

So, here’s the deal: We aren’t all rich and famous. I mean, I wish we were all rich and famous. Because if we were, then we could all have big, huge, fancy, extra weddings! But…since we can’t afford to have EVERY detail provide the WOW factor, it’s a great idea to have a one or two “statement” areas or pieces as a part of your day. These oftentimes create really fabulous photo ops as well, because let’s face it—at the end of the wedding, all you will have are your photos and videos. Having a statement piece to both WOW your guests and created amazing photo ops is a great excuse to focus your budget splurge on just one or two big items.

Here are some things to consider for your “statement” pieces:


Ceremony backdrop

collage of backdrops at wedding ceremonies

One could argue that the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. As I like to say, you are there to get married, not just have a wedding. So putting a large chunk of your budget toward a spectacular ceremony backdrop is a good use of your money. Also, this backdrop—if planned appropriately—can be transitioned to your reception as a focal point there as well.


floral wall

collage of flower walls at weddings
3. abby jiu photography

I LOVE the floral wall idea! This can double as a ceremony backdrop as well as a photo booth backdrop at the reception. And, while a floral wall made from REAL flowers is the most extra thing ever, you can affordably create one with faux florals. You can also find great deals on pre-built floral walls on sites like!


floral canopy
collage of floral canopies at wedding receptions

We’ve talked about Floral Canopies before. These have become more and more popular over the past few years. These are a spectacular way to create a breathtaking focal point to both your ceremomy and reception.


statement lightingcollage of creative lighting ideas at wedding receptions

Lighting is one thing that can literally change the mood and feeling of anywhere. And there are just so many ways to use it. Whether it be twinkling lights, candles, edison bulbs, lamps, uplightling, luminarias, or chandeliers, you can make anywhere more romantic by including the proper lighting.


statement bar

collage of statement bars at wedding reception
1. jose ruiz photography / 2. susie montagna / 3. mike cassimatis photography

Statement bars have become one of the most popular trends at weddings. It can be as simple as the back bar area having the look of an art installation (#2 above) or a full-fledged custom built full bar. This is definitely one you can have a lot of fun with!


Fabulous lounge area

collage of lounge areas with soft seating at wedding receptions
1. kortnee kate photography / 2. todd events / 3. the grovers photography

So, not everyone is going to take control of the dance floor all night. Some of your guests would prefer to sip their cocktails in a comfortable lounge area with intimate seating pods. We’ve even seen couples take this area a step further with game areas, cigar lounges, whiskey tastings, and more.


So what will you splurge on for the special part of your budget? Tell us below!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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