bride and groom smiling on the blue bridge in grand rapids michigan with bouquet from eastern floral

Wedding Date
Number of Guests

170 guests

Questions for the bride
Tell us about your wedding day?

It was a beautiful September day, we were so excited to celebrate with all of our family and loved ones! The sun was shining, and everything went exactly as planned. We began early in the morning, and ran deep into the night- even though it was a full day, it went by in the blink of an eye! Being surrounded by all of our loved ones truly made it such an amazing day!

Favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day was knowing at the end of it, I would be married to my best friend! We could really feel the love in the room and we were overwhelmed with joy!

Planning advice for brides?

Honestly, the best advice I have for current brides is to stay organized and have fun! This whole process goes by so quickly so remember to enjoy it! It also really helped me to utilize Excel and I had a wedding planner/notebook to jot down ideas throughout the whole process.

Day of wedding advice for brides?

Get a good night’s rest! Once the day is here, you are pretty much on auto-pilot, so you want to be well rested to get after all the fun activities you worked so hard on organizing! Enjoy every single moment!

Is there anything you would change?

The only thing I would want to change is to have gotten married sooner! We had everything planned and organized about six months after the engagement, but it was really nice to have time after the planning was done to just enjoy each other’s company.

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