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Tell us about your wedding day?

We had our wedding day in the middle of a pandemic. Although I wish there was more normalcy to our day and I wish everyone that wanted to be there could, it was still perfect! We are high school sweethearts of 8 years and got married 20 minutes from our home/hometown. Our ceremony and reception were in the same location. It rained on and off throughout the day but we were still able to have our ceremony outside. We wanted a boho romantic vibe filled with personal touches from us—which I feel we accomplished. Our dogs were unable to attend but drinks were named after them and pictures of them on sticks were in the photo booth. We could not have asked for anything more.

Favorite moment of the day?

We forgot to tell our officiant we had decided to write our own vows. After the ceremony we were able to go back to the alter and have a moment reading them to each other with just the two of us. It felt so much more special. Plus our videographers were able to mic us up so now we can listen to our vows on our wedding video forever.

Planning advice for brides?

Try not to get too caught up in the detail and everything being perfect. I am a person that focuses on all the little things and at times I felt like I was going back and forth on decisions after I had already finalized things. Just try to pick what you like and don’t worry about what others may like or think. It is your day and you should love everything about it. Plus the day goes so fast that you don’t even pay attention to the details and I don’t think many guests do either.

Day of wedding advice for brides?

Give yourself plenty of time to get around so you don’t feel rushed. We were able to get ready at the venue. It felt so relaxed because we weren’t rushing around from location to location. I felt like I got to soak in the time with my bridesmaid before everything got busy. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning/afternoon before my wedding.

Is there anything you would change?

It was a perfect day. The only thing I would want to change was the fact that COVID-19 was happening and not everyone that wanted to attend could.

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