bride and groom kissing on ivory setee on rooftop overlooking skyline

Wedding Date
Number of Guests

60 guests

Questions for the bride
Tell us about your wedding day?

We had the perfect Fall day for our small brunch wedding. We absolutely loved our venue at New Hotel Mertens and the small, intimate, casual vibe that it provided. Surrounded by our closest group of friends and family, we said our vows in a casual setting and then we enjoyed a social hour with mimosas, bloody marys and pastries on their awesome rooftop patio. We also had a formal brunch in their Fleur De Lis space. We are both early risers and love our mornings together so having a brunch wedding felt right. We also both love a good day of day-drinking so after our brunch we headed to The Knickerbocker – New Holland Brewing for a casual reception/celebration with our crew. Our day was ultimately perfection because we kept it small and remembered to keep the focus on the two of us and the commitment we were making.

Favorite moment of the day?

My favorite moment of the day was definitely our vows. We wrote our own vows and were surrounded by such love and support as we read them to each other. It was such a pure and genuine moment for both of us. There were tears, laughs and even a little smooch before we were allowed 🙂

Planning advice for brides?

It is really fun to throw a big party, but try not to get wrapped up so much in the party that you forget why you’re planning it. We were both really intentional about remembering our day was for us. While we wanted our guests to enjoy themselves, we wanted to make choices that reflected us as a couple rather than trying to please others. I would also encourage you to involve your groom. Sometimes they don’t want to be involved in every decision but it is nice to be asked and included in the process. This is their day, too.

Day of wedding advice for brides?

In so many ways, this is just another morning. You are walking down the aisle today but this doesn’t mean you have to put on a show. I know I felt so much more calm, confident and comfortable because I had a morning routine that reflected my everyday life instead of starting with a circus. Sometimes I think the pressure of the wedding day gets to brides and they aren’t even able to truly enjoy the reason they’re there. This day is supposed to be about you and your partner and the commitment you’re making, don’t lose sight of that by feeling like you have to put on a show or every detail needs to be “perfect”. Your guests are there to love and support you, not to criticize any piece of your day!

Is there anything you would change?

No, we loved everything about our day and the people that were there with us.

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