Picture Perfect Wedding Exit Ideas

The cake has been cut and you’ve danced until you can’t feel your feet — now it’s time to head off into your life as newlyweds with a grand wedding exit! Staging a send-off as you leave your reception not only signals the end of your celebration, it also creates a fabulous photo opp. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a picture-perfect wedding exit.


Tip: However you choose to exit your reception, have your planner or a member of your wedding party gather your guests outside and prepare them for the send-off. Take that set-up time to have once last, romantic dance with your new life partner before making your grand wedding exit.



Two grooms wearing navy tuxedos hold hands for their wedding exit as guests hold large sparklers to light the way
Photo Courtesy of Kevin DeMassio Photography

Sparkler exits are a favorite for a reason — they are timeless, look incredible in photos, and who doesn’t love to play with sparklers?! Sparkler wedding exits are such a fun, celebratory way to end a reception, and we will never get sick of them!


Getaway Car

A groom wearing a black tuxedo and a bride in an off-the-shoulder white wedding gown and long white veil stand next to a vintage white Rolls Royce parked in front of Meadow Brook Hall
Photo Courtesy of Niki Marie Photography

Another timeless option — drive off into the sunset with your beloved in a fabulous car! Whether you’re into vintage luxury or classic American muscle, you can find the perfect ride from a boutique rental company. Some of our faves include Motor City Vintage Rentals, Vintage Luxury Rentals (above), Petrol Vintage, and Instant Luxury Rentals.



A metal bucket filled with rolled paper cones of birdseed sit on a rustic wood folding chair
Photo Courtesy of Samantha James Photography

The tradition of showering newlyweds with rice, seed, and grains dates back to ancient Rome, where it symbolized fertility and prosperity for the new couple. We love the idea of updating this gesture for a daytime wedding and having your guests toss birdseed as you make your wedding exit. Sustainable and budget-friendly, it’s a sweet option for animal lovers that’s giving us major fairytale princess vibes.


Dried Flowers

Two brides wearing white dresses and floral crowns kiss as they are showered with dried flower petals
Photo Courtesy of Roxane Nicolas

A gorgeous, eco-friendly alternative to confetti, dried flowers are perfect for a wedding exit. Have your guests shower you with dried flowers that match your wedding colors. They biodegrade quickly, create an unforgettable photo, and honestly, is there a more romantic way to end your wedding celebration? We didn’t think so.


Vidaai Ceremony

An Indian bride wearing a red floral garland, red bangles, and gold beded jewelry tosses rice over her shoulders during a vidaai ceremony
Photo Courtesy of Fotowalle

For Hindu couples, a vidaai ceremony signifies the bride’s parents sending their daughter to a new beginning, and in return, their daughter thanking them for taking care of her through the years. During the vidaai ceremony, the bride throws rice or wheat grains, mixed with flower petals and coins, over her shoulders toward her parents without looking back as she walks toward the exit. It’s an emotional, beautiful ritual that symbolizes gratitude, wealth, and prosperity. To learn more about what to expect at an Indian wedding, click here.


LED Balloons

A bride in a white lace gown and pink rose flower crown kisses a groom in a black tuxedo. The couple is surrounded by their guests holding glowing white LED balloons.
Photo Courtesy of Eighteenth Hour Photography

Light up the night as you exit your reception with LED balloons. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your wedding theme, and some options are even reusable. We personally love these LED balloons from BrideEnvy. If you decide on a balloon wedding exit, the most important thing is to not release the balloons. Sending balloons off into the sky is an environmental hazard that can be harmful to wildlife. Instead, make sure to attach weights to each balloon so they don’t fly away accidentally, then designate someone to pop and dispose of all of the balloons after your send off.



A bride in a white gown and veil kisses a groom in a black tuxedo as fireworks explode in the night sky above
Photo Courtesy of Josiah & Steph

There is no grander way to exit your wedding than with a fireworks display. Go big and then go home, amirite? If you want to end your wedding with a bang, make sure to work with a reputable, experienced pyrotechnic professional who can walk you through the rules, regulations, and necessary safety precautions surrounding fireworks displays, such as Great Lakes Fireworks.


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