10 personalized boutonniere ideas

There are a lot of things about your wedding that your husband-to-be is going to care quite a bit about. For us, it was the band. My husband is a musician, so music was the #1 priority for him. Great musicians. Great music. He also actually cared about the food. But everything else…that was my choice. He mostly wanted to know that when he showed up that day, he would get to hear great music and marry me. Luckily for me, both happened! The point is that the groom – most of the time – doesn’t have too much of an opinion on the small details of the day. For us, we never even discussed flowers. But today we are talking about fun ways to actually incorporate your groom’s interests into his boutonniere.

Boutonniere is the French word for buttonhole. It is traditionally worn by the groom and groomsmen on the left lapel of his suit, sport jacket, or blazer. You’ll want to make sure that the boutonniere is sturdy enough to withstand an evening full of hugs! And the best part about these fun boutonniere ideas? They will also double as wedding mementos that will last forever.

Here are the 10 alternative boutonniere ideas that made our list:


boutonniere made out of baseball

Are you marrying a ballplayer? Or just someone who loves to watch baseball? We absolutely love this boutonniere made of the shell of a baseball folded into a tulip. Such a cool way to utilize this iconic symbol of the sport he loves!



boutonniere made out of canoe paddle

If your future husband is an outdoorsman, with a passion for canoeing or kayaking, we’ve found the boutonniere for him! How adorable is this miniature paddle surrounded by leaves and berries? Everything about it reflects the outdoors that he loves!



boutonniere made out of compass

Wanderlust is a real thing. And many of our couples out there have it! If you and your husband-to-be love to travel and explore, what better way to represent that than a gorgeous compass for a boutonniere?



boutonniere made out of guitar pick

I definitely wish I had thought of this for my wedding. Love how it incorporates a love of music without being too in-your-face about it! And the sweet message on it with the wedding date is perfect!



boutonniere made out of gun shell

If you are soon-to-be a hunting widow every fall, then this might be the perfect boutonniere for your groom! We all know Michigan is well-known for its fall deer hunting – I mean, the Big 3 give its workers a flexible day off every year in November, just so they won’t have to miss opening day of deer season! Pure Michigan!



boutonniere made out of origami

Is your future husband an avid reader? Or possibly a writer? Taking a page from one of his favorite books, or perhaps a meaningful poem and folding it origami-style would be an amazing way to celebrate this intellectual pursuit!



boutonniere made out of sailing knot

We live in West Michigan. Odds are, you either own a boat or know someone who owns a boat! Being on the water is what we do here in the Great Lakes State! Show your groom’s love of boating with a boating knot for a boutonniere. Love this!


8. Skis

boutonniere made out of skis

If boating is only a way to pass your time in Michigan until ski season starts, then this boutonniere is the one for your groom! And can we just talk about how cute the little poles are with the string loop handles? I can’t even! This one might be my fave!



boutonniere made out of golf tees

Did you know that there are 650 golf courses in Michigan? So, if you really put your mind to it, you could play 11.700 holes of golf without playing the same hole twice – all without leaving our beautiful state! That’s a LOT of golf. Let’s just say you’re about to marry the guy that would gladly take on that challenge…then, we just found his boutonniere! Your welcome.



boutonniere made out of yoda lego

So, whoever decided to marry the world of Star Wars and Lego is a genius. I love both. I have two boys so these are two very present hobbies in our house! And I could totally see my boys wearing this boutonniere someday. Of course, now, it would probably be the baby Yoda instead. Have you guys seen him? Ahhhhh…so cute! If you are marrying a Jedi, we might have just found his boutonniere!


So there you have our favorite alternative boutonnieres for grooms with very special and personal passions! Try to carve out a few things that are special to him on your wedding day. This is a super easy one that will mean quite a bit to him! It’s just another way you can show him how much you love him for what he is and what he loves! And, while I was searching for boutonniere inspiration, I stumbled across this incredible site: Fritts Rosenow. They make ridiculously adorable custom boutonnieres! Go check them out!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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