Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas Starting to Trend in 2022

Non-traditional wedding ideas are starting to become super trendy! What can we say? It might be time to mix it up a little bit, nothing wrong with that! Don’t count anything out because it breaks tradition. You shouldn’t base any decisions on anyone but you! Unless you and your partner are wanting to stick with tradition, don’t be afraid to do your own thing (even if loved ones are making a fuss about it, it isn’t their day). We’re big fans of anything out of the ordinary, so we LOVE these ideas, let’s get into them!


Getting Ready Together

bride and groom getting ready together on wedding day
Photo Courtesy of Delphine Closse

We all know how it usually goes. You and your partner get ready separately on your wedding day and don’t see one another until the walk down the aisle. This idea of getting ready together breaks tradition in every way possible, but don’t count it out so quickly! It’s a really intimate time for just the two of you, and you get to share a final moment with one another before the ceremony. The calm before the storm, if you will! If you plan on doing this, you can exchange small gifts for one another to get your minds off of the nerves. This is something some couples like to do on the big day and we think it’s adorable. Ask your photographer to capture the moment and these may end up being your favorite photos of the day! If not your favorite, they’re definitely going to be the most intimate


Circular Ceremony Seating

aerial shot of circular wedding ceremony seating with mountains behind the seats
Photo Courtesy of Caroline Tran

We LOVE this idea. First of all, your guests will be thanking you because everyone gets a good view! Second, it looks gorgeous in photos which is an amazing perk. Some couples aren’t into this idea because they don’t want people in the back of their first kiss picture, which is fair! A good solution for this is to ask your photographer to shoot from lower down so it’s more of an up angle of the kiss. This way, no guests will be in the back, and if you have a beautiful arch or floral decorations above you, that will get in the photo! Even better, if you’re outside, the sun and clouds will make for an ethereal background.


No Bridal Party

Bride and groom standing at wedding alter holding hands with water behind them
Photo Courtesy of Anne Schmidt Photography

We talked about this in a previous blog post, but this is an increasingly popular option for couples nowadays. Weddings are expensive and bridal parties can rack up a pretty penny. If you’re looking to save money on your wedding, and don’t have a strong opinion on bridal parties, then don’t hesitate to opt out of having one! The only downside to this is you don’t have as many people to delegate tasks to the day of your wedding. Just be prepared to have a group of people you trust that are willing to help out. Invite your friends as guests and you won’t have to sweat the stress that bridal parties can bring on.


Designing Your Ring

opal engagement with gold band and crescent moons on either end of the opal crystal

As women of specific taste, here at Grand Rapids Bride we approve of this idea! Designing your engagement ring is a great idea for anyone who’s picky with what they like. If you or your partner have any strong stipulations on size, material, color, or style, you might be better off choosing your own rings! Yes, it’s special to have your partner pick it our for you, but imagine them spending all of that money on something you aren’t into. Regardless of if you want you or your partner to pick out your ring, you should go over what styles you’re into just so you’re on the same page.


If you have any more non-traditional wedding ideas you’re planning on using in your wedding, shoot us a DM on Instagram! We love to connect with our audience and hear your thoughts and opinions.



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