Miniature Food for your wedding!

So…this might be my favorite post I’ve researched! If you read my Instagram today, you saw that I officially declared that I will—from here going forward—only be eating food in its miniature form. Life is too short not to.

If we believe that “what is the meaning of life?” is the most important question one can ask, then we must certainly agree that “why is everything so much cuter in miniature form?” is arguably the second most important, right?

OK, so now that our philosophy lesson is over, let’s talk about small foods because it’s my new obsession; and most likely yours as well. Here’s what I’ve come to realize: pretty much any food can be made in miniature form. And today I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from the web. For realz tho, do yourself a favor after this and Google “miniature foods.” You’re welcome.

Let’s dive in…


So, let’s start with the obvious. The classic slider. So a slider is defined as a small burger made with a soft bun. But we’re skipping WAY over small here and going TINY! These mini cheeseburgers are so cute with the itty-bitty sesame-seed bun! And let’s talk about how this caterer somehow managed to cooked these to the proper temperatures! I mean, I can barely do it with a full side burger, but then this little quarter-sized piece of meat? Talent folks. Pure talent. This is why these people go to culinary school. 🍔


MINI Baked potatoes

the curvy carrot

I love baked potatoes. Especially with the butter, sour cream, bacon, cheese, chives…you get the gist. But, alas, the guilt factor. But these little darlings? Yes please! Of course, I’d pop about 30 in my mouth = more than a regular baked potato 😒. But since they’re tiny, I’m good, right? 🥔



Ok,  you already had me at mini-blt, but then you gotta go and put the “BLT” branding on it too? Also, you might wanna add more bacon, I don’t see enough here; and let’s be honest…that’s why we eat the BLT in the first place. Also, where can I find a mini branding iron wit the letters “BLT” on them? Literally, if anyone answers, I’m buying you a drink. That’s a bonafide offer. 🥓🥬🍅



carina photograpics

So, I feel like people either love or hate chicken & waffles. I’m in the ❤️ category on this one. The salty/sweet thing gets me. Using these teeny Eggos for the base here is adorbs! And I’m guessing those are just popcorn chicken pieces! Which means….you guys! You can easily make this at home! Drop 🎤. I’m pretty sure if you surprise your fiancée with this for dinner tonight, you are going to have one happy hubs-to-be! 🐔+🧇





I mean, if you’re gonna have the mini-sliders, you gotta have the matching fries, right? I love how they added the floral garnish here as if we weren’t aware that we are eating fries out of a cup of ketchup. It’s ok to admit we’re being a little not-so-fancy people! But kudos for the attempt at keeping it fancy! 🍟


MINI grilled cheese + tomato soup

inspired by charm

I love these. This is truly the ultimate in comfort food. I’ve had this at my bridal shows and it’s awesome! I feel like if you were having a winter, or even fall, wedding, this would be the best hors d’oeuvre to serve! And your guests will gush over them! 🥪+🥫



same sex wedding guide

Since we’re on the subject of comfort food…how about some mini mac + cheese bites? These definitely are not made from a blue box (no shade 😉💙). You know there is about 4 lbs of butter and cheese in EACH of these bites! And ain’t nobody complaining! 🧀



jenny steffens hobick

I have a confession. One that I hate to have to make. I’ve never had a lobster roll. I know. Everything is wrong with me. But I feel like I won’t let myself try one until I am actually in New England eating the REAL deal. And since it’s been since I was much younger that I’ve been out there, it’s just been on this kind of permanent hold. But don’t worry, it’s on the list. In the meantime, you hold all the power to provide your guests with what might be their first opportunity to experience a lobster roll! Will you accept this opportunity? 🦞🥐



the cotton warehouse

OK, so I may not have had a lobster roll, but I’ve definitely had shrimp + grits, and I L•O•V•E them! These little minis look soooo good and I’m glad to see they’re not messing around and have made sure that these are cheese grits!  🍤+🍚



Even if you’re not a breakfast person—and specifically a pancake person—you can’t help but love these. And with the cute little berries on top? Question though: would you serve with a little shot glass of syrup? That would be the ultimate yum! These would be so perfect if you were hosting a brunch for your wedding! 🥞



love greyson events

And speaking of brunch foods…can you say mini cinnamon rolls? On. a. stick? Just shoot me now. Who thinks of this stuff? Because I love them. Like, a lot. And let’s just talk about the milk glass polka dot container they are in—🥰



I scream. You scream. We ALL scream for miniature ice cream cones! Honestly tho, I’m literally screaming over how adorable these mini ice cream cones are. Do you think the server has to hightail it around the whole party super fast to get these handed out before they all melt? That would be a fun sight! 🍦



bakers royale

My son just walked in and announced that we are making these tonight. And you know what? I think we might actually agree on something for a change! But—full disclosure—I hate maraschino cherries. I’m convinced they are cherry flavored plastic (yuck). But they make these look sooooo cute; you gotta have ’em! 🍒


peter callahan catering

So s’mores are already small. But these are tiny s’mores. Kind of like the tinier than a slider sliders! These are tinier than a s’more s’mores! Curious, do you guys like your s’mores with Hersheys Chocolate or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Even though Reeses are my favorite candy bar, I still far prefer the Hersheys on a s’more. 🍫


MINI Milkshakes

weddings by lilly

So, these are my favorite of the whole group. The whipped cream, the sprinkles, the straws…(not the cherry)…I love it! I would just take the entire tray off of the server’s hands and demolish this. Sorry other guests, you don’t exist anymore. These are ALL mine now! I’ll be in the corner sipping and pretending this is what Heaven is…🥤




weddings by lilly

Of course, I have to end with this one. I mean, this is a wedding after all. What’s cuter than a mini wedding cake for every guest? These are so perfect and obviously made just for me (K is for Kelly after all, right?) Puts a plain old cupcake to shame! 🎂


So there you have it girls: our favorite miniature foods for your wedding. Now you should be super inspired to schedule a meeting with one of West Michigan’s amazing caterers to talk about how you can get any/all of these for your big day! Have fun and go make yourself something tiny!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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