Do You Have a Helpful Groom While Wedding Planning?

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So, we got a question sent into our Instagram asking “How can I get my groom on board for not leaving everything until the last minute?” and we have some tips! Stereotypically in a straight relationship, the brides are the main wedding planners. Many grooms have a tendency to think their duties start and end at the proposal. We’re here to help you break the stereotype. Be the helpful groom! There are SO many factors that go into wedding planning, and we can assure you your man is not incompetent! Don’t hesitate to give him some responsibilities to divide up the work. So grooms, this one is for you!


Ask What You can Do to Help

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Don’t leave it to your partner to give you your responsibilities. Take the initiative and ask what needs to get done. Carve out time to sit down with your partner at least once a week to go over what you’ve both gotten done, and what needs to get done! Make separate lists that you can both check off, so there’s no confusion regarding who’s doing what.


Get Involved, and Be Excited About it!

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If you go into wedding planning expecting everything to be stressful, it most likely will be. Having a positive attitude, especially when your partner is feeling burnt out, is super important. By no means do you need to be happy all the time, but don’t have carelessness be your default attitude! Don’t leave it to your wife-to-be to pick out gifts for your groomsmen! Pick out personalized gifts that you know each of your friends will enjoy! It’s going to feel a lot more fulfilling to do this part yourself, after all, they’re your closest friends, not your partners!


Have An Opinion

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When it comes to booking wedding vendors you need to voice your opinion! Your venue, food, entertainment, photographer, etc. should all be chosen to both you, and your partners standards. Wedding planning is all about making decisions, so try to take the phrases “I don’t know” or “it doesn’t matter to me” or “it’s up to you” out of your vocabulary! Your parter wants to know that you care, and having a vision for your big day is a great way to show that you do.


Pull Your Weight

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Marriage is all about learning how to be a team with your partner, so why not start now? Try sitting down with your partner and writing down both of your strengths and weaknesses. Use these lists to divvy up the wedding planning responsibilities! If you find that your partner has a lot more on their list than you do, take on the honeymoon planning tasks! There’s always something that you can do to help, even if the task is small.

So, grooms what did we learn today…? In all seriousness, we know that all of this can be true for brides as well, it’s just usually grooms, so we thought we’d weigh in on how they can help! The key is honest and constant communication about the wedding planning process. Blocking out at least one time a week to talk things through, can help tasks from getting too stressful or convoluted. Just keep checking in as much as you need to, you’ve got this!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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