How to Prepare for Your Wedding Tasting!

Finally, the fun part of wedding planning! You get to choose your menu! Food is SO important and honestly, one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day. This is not something to spend little time on! So, what exactly is a wedding tasting?

  • A wedding tasting is when you taste the menu items, or proposed menu items, with your caterer for your reception. The tasting typically takes place weeks, or more often, months before your big day to allow plenty of time for any adjustments or changes to the final menu

Why is a wedding tasting important? It gives you the opportunity to see the caterers presentation and to taste which foods you like and don’t like! You should know what you’re signing up for, so use the tasting as a way to see if you and your caterers visions align.


Be prepared with a budget

wedding tasting plates with tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic

If you don’t already have an estimate of what you want your budget to be, make sure that’s the first thing you discuss so you can go into the tasting with an idea of what you want to spend. Food can get pricey, especially if you’re having a big wedding!


Make a mental note of food preferences and inspo

food tasting platter being carried by caterer
Photo Courtesy of Eric Kelley

Your caterer will be asking lots of questions to get to know the flavor palette you’re going for. They want to know your likes and dislikes, any allergies (keeping guests in mind), and dietary restrictions. Tell your caterer your favorite restaurants and the dishes you get most excited about from them so they know what foods to grab for your tasting! Once they draw up a menu, try to answer back as quickly as possible after reviewing it in case you need to make changes!


take inspo from other weddings you’ve been to

dessert table with strawberries and cake pops on a wooden countertop
Photo Courtesy of Evolve Events

One of the top things wedding guests remember is if the food was good. We’re sure you have some weddings you’ve been to where the food was outstanding, and other just subpar. Think back to those outstanding ones and take a note of what you liked! Also, factor in your rehearsal dinner food. Don’t serve the same thing that will be on your wedding menu!


keep your guests in mind

wedding guests eating and talking
Photo Courtesy of Olivia Rae James

You know your guests better than anyone! Are they into BBQ? Italian? Mediterranean? Have a lot of vegan or vegetarian friends? Make sure they have more to eat than just a salad! Steer clear from any outlandish tasting food you may be into, because chances are, it’s not going to be a crowd favorite! Another good tip is to stay away from foods that will linger on people’s breaths for a long time (raw onion or garlic) or food that have a history of upsetting people’s stomaches (lots of dairy, spicy food, fried food).


Quick Tip: If you haven’t booked your caterer yet, they will most likely charge you for the tasting (up to $1,000 for 4 people). However, most will waive tasting charges if you’re already contracted with them! We wish you the best of luck with your tasting and hope these tips helped you feel more prepared to have the wedding of your dreams!




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