How NOT To Annoy Your Bridesmaids…

On the outside, having a bridal party looks fun and stress-free! And while that may be true sometimes, there’s more work that goes into having a bridal party than it seems. Okay, hear us out… there are so many ways to piss off your bridesmaids and we don’t want you to get stuck in the mud because you weren’t prepared! We can only expect our friends to be so understanding before they get fed up, so get out your pen and wedding planning journal to take some notes! We want you to have the best wedding prep experience possible, so here’s some tips to having all of your ducks in a row before asking your besties to be your bridesmaids.


Set Clear Expectations

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Figure out all of the costs and travel fees before asking your friends to be your bridesmaids! Make sure you have all of your info ready to go in case anyone has questions. Nobody wants to be bamboozled with a bunch of extra costs after already agreeing to be a bridesmaid. This will take a bit more preparation on your end, but it will all be worth it when there are less issues because everyone’s on the same page!


Have Organized Communication

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Make an email chain, Instagram DM group chat, text thread, or Google doc to keep in touch with your bridesmaids. Only use ONE of these options to make communicating easier. You want to have all of your info in one spot so nobody gets confused!


Involve Them in Attire Selection

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Your ladies are going to want to be involved in picking out their outfits! This will ensure everyone is feeling like their best selves the day of your wedding. Some brides make the mistake of choosing a dress style that doesn’t compliment all of their friends’ bodies, which can lead to some of your gals feeling uncomfortable or unconfident. Plus, think about how fun it will be to set up an appointment to dress shop with all of your besties!


Offer Other Options For Hair and Makeup

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Don’t pressure your bridesmaids into thinking they need to get their hair and makeup done professionally. Make it known that there will be a hair and makeup artist on the day-of, but their services are optional! Your girls will appreciate knowing they’re free to style their hair and do their own makeup on your wedding day in case they can’t afford the fees.


Have Realistic Expectations For a Bachelorette Party

women standing in a line holing up beach hats and smiling in swimsuits that say bride and bachelorette
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With the popularity of the bachelorette weekend rising, understand everyone won’t be able to afford or come to an over-the-top bach weekend. Some brides have these huge expectations for these perfect, beautiful, and expensive trips because of, let’s face it, social media. You may be dead set on having a picture perfect bachelorette getaway. And that’s totally fine! But if you have the budget and are able to help cover a lot of the travel costs, that would really help your gals out! Especially if a good amount of them can’t attend because of financial reasons.




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