How large should your bridal party be?

Your bridal party. These are your besties. The people that have been through thick and thin with you. The people that you can’t imagine not having next to you on your wedding day. But it’s important to understand that your bridal party’s responsibilities go beyond just standing next to you on your big day; they help you with planning, pre-wedding parties and showers, and provide support when needed while you prepare for the wedding. The question when you begin this process is: should our wedding party be large or small? There are many pros and cons for both sizes. And once you decide, there are several things you will want to consider when selecting who you ask to stand up with you on your big day. We will cover the second part on another blog because that is a lot to unpack in and of itself! For now, let’s focus on size: big, small, or maybe even none!


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Some brides dream of having a gigantic wedding party. I mean, with so many friends to help, wedding planning will be so much easier, right? And the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties will be even more of a blast, right? Plus, then you can ask everyone that ever asked you to be in their wedding, right? Well…maybe? Or maybe not. Let’s look at the pros and cons:


  1. NO HURT FEELINGS. For some reason, some people really care about being included in a wedding party. Personally, after all the weddings I’ve been in, I’d opt for being a happy guest!
  2. ALL THE HELP! With so many maids and men, you have a pool of friends to ask for favors! Need your relative picked up at the airport? Well, you’ve got help for that!
  3. BIG PARTIES! With so many of your crew in the mix, the bachelor/bachelorette parties will be off the hook!
  4. GETTING READY! First, the pictures. The matching robes, champagne flutes, and cute tops! Spending the morning with your tribe is the best!


  1. LOTS OF OPINIONS. If you do decide to have a large wedding party, keep the decision making to a small group within the group. Asking everyone is a recipe for disaster!
  2. HERDING CATS: Organizing a lot of people only gets worse as the number increases! Coordinating schedules will take a little extra effort, but once they’re all together—it’ll be worth it!
  3. COST. More guests always means more money; more food, more drinks, more attendant gifts!


Just like there are girls that dream big about their wedding, there are also those that picture a sweet and intimate group surrounding them on their wedding day. Now, don’t get me wrong—a small bridal party doesn’t have to mean a small wedding. How many attendants you select doesn’t have to reflect the size of your wedding; your decision about bridal party size need only to reflect your desires for how you want your pre-wedding events and wedding day inner circle to look. So what’s the good vs bad about having a small bridal party? Let’s check them out:


  1. SMOOTH SCHEDULE. With just a handful of close friends to worry about, staying on task will be a breeze.
  2. COST SAVINGS: You can say a proper thank you to this intimate group without paying a King’s ransom!
  3. EASY-PEESEY. Everything is just easier with less people. Doesn’t mean better; just easier!


  1. YOU NEED TO GET SELECTIVE. This could potentially mean not inculding someone that was hoping to be included, which can be challenging.
  2. LESS HELP. Limiting the number of attendants will mean less task handlers prior to and on your big day.



I mean, you’ve read the three little bears, right?


So, large, small, or medium? Which one is just right for you? Whatever you choose, it will be perfect for you and everything you are dreaming of!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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