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Let’s be honest. There are only a handful of tangible ways you have to remember your wedding day after it’s over. Of course, you will have your wedding photos, and perhaps the top of your cake in your freezer for your first anniversary. The other way that people have used in the past to remember those that were there on their wedding day is the traditional guest book. But honestly, that book eventually gets boxed away in a storage box, only to be pulled out when you are moving and going through ALL the stuff that’s piled up! Luckily, more couples are moving away from traditional guest books and finding cool, unique, and functional guest book alternatives. Plus, having a guest book alternative offers the chance to infuse some personality into your wedding.

Today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite guest book alternatives to give you all some inspiration for our own wedding! Check ’em out:


1. Dictionary

For all of my bookworms and grammar nerds out there (#youremypeople)…I love this one. I love all of the little tabs on the side so you know which pages have a note! I love the idea of looking up a word and BOOM, you have a note right there on the page!


2. Guitar

Love this one so much. I’ve already talked about how I love this idea on my Instagram. Having married a musician, this is so perfect. I love guitars on display, as I think they are all such works of art. But to have messages from your wedding day on it too? 🖤


3. Jenga

For the couple that loves hosting games nights, here’s the one for you! ‘Cuz you probably shouldn’t have Cards Against Humanity as your guest book. Unless you have the coolest grandmother ever! #alsoilovecardsagainsthumanity 😂


4. Mad Libs

I literally couldn’t do enough Mad Libs when I was younger. Trying to come up with the most imaginative words to use for all the blank spaces – so fun! And this is a super fun way to keep your guests entertained before dinner! And then, during your first year of being married, you could read a new one every night!


5. Message In a Bottle

Along the same lines of having a new note to read each day of your new marriage is this Message-In-A-Bottle guest book alternative. How adorable is this big, fat bottle?


6. Portrait

There are a lot of options for this one. You could order a custom print, such as the one above. Or you could have a portrait painted by a local artist. And then there is always the option to frame your favorite pic of you two! We’ve also seen a simple monogram framed for signing as well. Really, the sky’s the limit with this one!


7. Puzzle Pieces

This is a cute idea that we’ve seen with a sign that reads, “our puzzle is not complete without you…” cute, right? I personally love puzzles, so this would be a fun one if you like them too. You could assemble the puzzle, glue it, flip it over, and frame it!


8. Record

Have guests sign your favorite album, or perhaps the album that contains your first dance song? This would look great hanging on your wall, especially if you have a music room, a bar area, or a cool rec room.


9. Sailboat

alternative wedding guest book ideas

This one is my personal favorite. I just love sailboats. Everything about them is so majestic and peaceful. Having this on display on your home for years would be so beautful and special. If you are a water person, boat person, or just love sailboats, this would be awesome!


So there you have our favorite alternatives to the stale, old guest book! Don’t let the memories of your wedding guests get tucked away in a box! Do something fun and different! Hope this has inspired you!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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