FUN Bachelorette Party Themes For Every Bride

As Shania Twain once said, let’s go girls! Have you thought about having a theme for your bachelorette party? Themes can be a fun way to inspire the decor for your party, and let’s be real, themes make for a pretty Instagram worthy party! You want your bride to have the best time possible, so take what you know about her and pick a theme that’s true to her personality and interests. Read on for bachelorette party inspo that will make for an unforgettable night!

Whatever your dream theme, Grand Rapids Bride is your resource for bringing your outrageous day to reality.


Rock Wigs in Vegas


Alyssa hired us to be the Paparazzi on her 21st Birthday 📸📸📸 Who’s next? #paparazzi #birthday #tiktokpaparazzi @actorjohntoon @ jeffwiles

♬ original sound – Kieran Murray

Wig parties are honestly so fun. Grab some cheap wigs off of Amazon and have a fun photo op with your girls! Imagine how iconic you’ll look as you walk into the club rocking colorful wigs. If you want to take it up a notch and feel really important, hire a few photographers to act as paparazzis and snap photos of you walking in the city. You’ll feel so badass and will definitely have people coming up to you asking to take photos with you! You and your friends will feel like real celebrities. SO fun! Check out the TikTok above for inspo.


Access Your Inner Dancing Queen

4 girls posing in front of shiny streamers and balloons that say "last disco"
Photo Courtesy of WedHaven on Pinterest

Disco divas put your hands up! If you’re into all things glittery and shiny, you may want to consider a dancing queen disco party! With the rise of disco ball decor in homes, you’ll totally be able to reuse any you use for your themed bachelorette party. Grab your flared pants and sequin tops and hit the town!


PJ Party

sleepover bachelorette party
Photo Courtesy of meredithcorp

There’s nothing more classic than a pajama party. You can dress it up like in the photo above, if you have the budget of course, or you can literally just grab some pizza, your fav snacks, and turn your living room into a giant fort! There’s so much you can do from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option if you’re looking for a low-key bachelorette party, or are on a tight budget! Play some drinking games, put on your favorite movies, and gather up all of the blankets you own to make it as comfy as possible. Spend some quality time with all your girls, and if you don’t want the party to end, make it a sleepover!


Celebrate Your Last Rodeo

rodeo bachelorette party, friends stand in front of a balloon backdrop while wearing pink cowboy hats
Photo Courtesy of Cassidy Araiza for The New York Times

Saddle up babe! The rodeo’s in town and you’re the star of the show! We’ve got such cute ideas for a rodeo bachelorette party. Make a custom backdrop for a fun photo op with these few items. Grab a plastic tablecloth, tape up metallic fringe to put over the tablecloth for a bit more dimension, and as a bonus, add some balloon letters! And boom, a charming little backdrop for you and your besties! Whether you’re staying in and partying with the gals, or hitting the town for a fun night out, you’ll totally look cute doing it, in cowboy hats of course! Yeehaw!




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