Fun Alternatives to Dancing at Your Wedding

Bride and groom dancing and singing into microphones at their wedding reception.
Photo courtesy of Lanna Apisukh

When you think of a wedding reception what do you think of? For us, it’s pretty much just drinking and dancing, but what if some guests aren’t into that? It may come as a shock to some, but dancing really isn’t some people’s jam! On the flip side, what if you or your partner aren’t into dancing? We’re here to list some alternatives (or additional activities to add to your reception) to dancing, so everyone can have a fun time!



Bride and groom singing karaoke at their wedding.

This idea can get mixed reviews, but asking your DJ to section off a portion of the night for karaoke can be super fun, especially when everyone’s already had a little something to drink! If you’re worried about participation, you can always send out an email asking if anyone would be willing to sing! Pro tip: put together a list of popular karaoke songs to give people options to choose from, and to make sure that none of the songs are too long. What if you can’t think of what songs to offer? A good idea is to make a Google form asking if people would be willing to participate in karaoke and what song they would sing!


Talk to your Photographer

Photographer looking into the camera ready to take a picture.

Instead of a photo booth, ask your photographer if they can set up a portrait station so your guests can have professional photos taken! There may not be another chance for certain family members to get nice photos taken together, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! The only down side is that the photographer may miss some important fun moments happening elsewhere, so unless you have two photographers at your wedding, you may want to avoid this idea!


Talk to your Videographer

Videographer filming a wedding
Photo courtesy of Vines of the Yarra Valley

Ask your videographer if it would be possible to do a “video book” to record wedding guests saying something special to the newlyweds. This is a super cute alternative to a guest book, and it gives your guests the opportunity say something meaningful that they may not have said to you otherwise. After it’s professionally edited, you and your partner will have your guests well wishes, advice, and any heartfelt messages they had to share to look back on for years!


Advice Station

Advice stationary card reading "Advice for the happy couple"
Photo courtesy of Paper Bliss Boutique

Have a station set up for guests to make advice cards, date night idea cards, or prediction cards with questions like “where do you see us in 5 years” and “where do you think we’ll travel to” and let guests know that you’ll read these on your honeymoon or first anniversary! You can just set out paper for this, or ask your stationer to design little cards and envelopes for you to leave out!


Photo Booth

Couple smiling in a photo booth
Photo Courtesy of Dipp Photo Booth

Rent out a photo booth and have props like hats, signs, and masks, set up for guests to take pictures with. Another fun photo idea, is to put a disposable camera at every dinner table so guests can snap their own pictures all night long. Ask them to leave the cameras on the tables at the end of the night, and you’ll be able to see your wedding from your guests perspectives after you develop the pictures!


Hire Live Entertainment

Wedding guests hypnotize, all holding out strings.

Hire live entertainment that isn’t just a band or singer. Options include and aren’t limited to: comedians, adult magicians, illusionists, hypnotists, caricature artists, acrobats, etc. to entertain the guests after dinner. This can be fun for guests right after dinner while everyone’s digesting their food, and then after the entertainer is finished, the dance floor can open up.


Happy Wedding Planning!


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