Flower Bouquet Alternatives

Flower bouquets are a staple in weddings and have been around since the Ancient Greeks and Romans! They used to carry spices and herbs to ward off bad energy, and carried flowers to symbolize new beginnings, fertility, and happiness. For the most part, the meaning behind flower bouquets are awesome, but why not shake it up a bit? Add a bit of personal flare to your wedding ceremony and opt for an alternative bouquet!


Flower Crowns

bridesmaids in pink dresses and flower crowns standing with bride

We don’t care what anyone says, flower crowns should not be left in 2012! Flower crowns are gorgeous and deserve to have their moment in the spotlight. Instead of your wedding party holding flowers, they can wear them! These are sure to look amazing in photos, just make sure that the colors of the flowers don’t clash with anyone’s hair color or dye job.


Statement Corsages

bridesmaids in white jumpsuits with statement corsages walking with bride outside
Photo Courtesy of Love is Rad

This bouquet alternative is so cute! Unless you like everything to be uniform, give your friends free rein to choose their corsages to their liking. Having corsages instead of full bouquets will save you some money and also give your bridal party a chance to add some individuality into their looks!


Fur Shawls

bride standing in the middle of her bridesmaids. bridesmaids wearing red dresses with fur shawls and holding bouquets

Your wedding party will thank you for this one! Winter weddings are gorgeous, but freezing when you’re trying to get your outdoor winter wonderland photos done. In the photo above, the bridesmaids have a shawl and bouquet combo, but you could opt for the shawl over the bouquet so you aren’t spending more than you need to!



bouquet alternatives
Photo Courtesy of Jenny Smith & Co

For couples who are into plants over flowers! These are just as gorgeous as a floral bouquet, and most likely less than half the price. If you’re into minimalism, greenery looks really nice and clean and doesn’t compete with wedding party outfits for attention!


Rescue Puppies

bridesmaids in shades of blue and purple holding rescue puppies instead of bouquets
Photo Courtesy of Caroline Morris Photography

Did we all just let out an audible “awww”? If you and your partner are huge animal lovers, try teaming up with a local animal shelter. You can even opt for guests to make a charitable donation to the shelter instead of having a gift registry!


You and Your Fiancé’s Fav Books

bridesmaids outside in black dresses holding books
Photo Courtesy of Treebird Photography

Calling all book worms, this is your moment! This idea is so cute and personal, and as a bonus, will give your guests some reading suggestions. You know we all need that in this day and age! Try searching on Etsy for some personalized book covers if you want all of the aesthetics to be the same. These will be an amazing keepsake from your wedding day and will remind you of it every time you pick up one of the books!


Hopefully these bouquet alternatives gave you a bit of unique inspo for your big day! Who said you couldn’t substitute flower bouquets for something more unique and personalized? Have fun with what you choose and don’t be afraid to get eclectic with it!



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