Elevate your tablescape with these napkin folds

“Love is in the details.” – Oprah Winfrey

Details make the wedding. We all have the basic main elements of a wedding: food, drinks, flowers, and entertainment. But the details are what make your wedding different from anyone else’s. One small detail that can make a huge impact is the way you fold the napkins on your dinner tables. Just because the napkin is a necessary part of your place setting, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. I kind of consider it the pocket square of the suit. You have to have the pants, coat and tie – but it’s the pocket square that takes the basic suit from “meh” to “wow!” It’s the finishing touch that completes the entire look.

Just the same way that your invitations set the tone for your entire wedding, your napkins can create the first impression your guests have as they sit down to their meal. It may seem like a small, insignificant thing, but details make the differences; they set you apart. Why not do something fun with your napkin color, placement, fold, or embellishment? Use your napkins to welcome your guests to the meal; something that lets your guests know that you have thought about making this experience special for them. And the best part is that this is such a simple way to show you’ve thought of it all. It’s not just a place setting; it’s their place setting and you want it to be perfect for them.

So what are some ways you can create a unique setting with your napkins? We’ve got ten of them to share!

1. Knotted

place setting with black napkin tied in a knot
rachel havel photography

2. Draped

place setting with ivory napkin draped over side of table and leaf with guest name written on it


3. Menu + Napkin Bundle

place setting with blue paisley tablecloth and menu lying on blue napkin tied with string
bradley james photography


4. Table Number

place settings where the napkins are printed with the number 3 indicating table number at wedding


5. Printed Menu

place setting with navy napkin that has menu printed on it in gold ink


6. Square

place setting with moss green napkin folded into a square and tied with black velvet ribbon stuffed with a sprig of herbs
clayton austin photography


7. Horizontal

place setting with red striped napkin placed horizontally
kayla barker photography


8. Simple Roll

place setting with ivory napkin rolled simply next to a navy dinner menu placed in front of a centerpiece of flowers
michael radford photography

9. Napkin Ring with Matching Charger

place setting with gold rimmed hammered charger and matching gold hammered napkin ring
michael radford photography


10. Ribbon Tied

colorful place setting with orange napkin tied with pink red and purple ribbons
jessica claire photography


Happy Wedding Planning!


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