Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

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You’re engaged, how exciting! You are now most likely in the process of combing through the ENDLESS opinions on wedding planning to pick and choose what will work for you! Does it feel a little bit overwhelming? We hear you. If you find yourself thinking, “do we really need a wedding planner?” then you’re in the right place. Whether it’s just a day-of planner, or a full time one, wedding planners are full time wedding experts, plus they are a great source of comfort and organization for couples who can feel overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning process.


If you don’t have time to plan a wedding.

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From the outside looking in, wedding planning might not seem like that much work. Once you’re in it though, you know that’s not the case at all! For a regular wedding there’s about 20 vendors; this means that there are countless emails and phone calls that go into planning with each vendor. Not to mention the countless hours of research beforehand finding vendors that match your vibe and that are in your budget! And then after you whittle down the potential vendors, there are many meetings and visits to go to. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding on their own will tell you that it was no easy feat. There is so much time and hard work that goes into making your big day run smoothly, and many people in this day and age just don’t have the time for that, which is completely understandable. The amazing thing about a wedding planner, is that you know everything will be done in an organized and timely manner. You also know that your wedding day is their top priority, and their full time job, so it is money well spent!


If you and your partner have any disagreements.

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Wedding planners can actually help with much more than just the details of wedding planning. A big one is if you and your partner are having disagreements on how you want your wedding to look. Wedding planners know their stuff. They can help you and your partner compromise if issues arise by providing facts, and their expert opinion about both sides. Their job is to get to know the personality and styles of each individual in the couple, and then use that knowledge, combined with what they know, to find a happy medium!


If it’s important to be intentional about the vendors your hire.

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We believe that hiring vendors that align with the same values as you can make your wedding a much more beautiful and meaningful space! Putting your money towards good hearted people who have been overlooked in the past or not taken seriously because of who they are, and appreciating them for their skill and craft, is a great way to look for vendors! Though it is possible, this can be a tough thing to do on your own. Wedding planners have connections with SO many wedding pros that you can’t just find with a Google search! When you’re hiring a wedding planner, make sure to ask them about the connections they have, and make a note if they are inclusive and diverse. Many wedding planners will share online if they are ally’s, and may share a diversity statement on their website!


At the end of the day, a wedding planner is a good idea if you don’t have time to plan on your own, get overwhelmed easily, or have no help from loved ones who are knowledgeable about weddings. At Grand Rapids Bride we think it’s worth it to add a wedding planner, either full time or day-of, into your budget! They can alleviate SO much stress so you go into your wedding day feeling confident that little to no issues will arise!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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