Cheap Wedding Venues for a Couple on a Budget

Lesbian brides, one woman in a suit kissing the hand of the other woman in a wedding dress.
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Wedding venues, let’s talk about them! Where you choose to get married, and where you go afterwards, whether it’s in the same building or a reception hall, is super important. This is a decision that’s smart to make early on, so you have plenty of time to perfect every other aspect of planning. Guess what? Venues can be affordable, you just need to look in the right places! We researched cheap venue options that you can find in almost any city. Take some inspiration from this, because you never know, your dream venue could be as magical as it is affordable!


At Home

Wedding guests talking in the backyard of a house for an at home wedding.

This is the most obvious cheap “venue” that comes to mind when thinking of a wedding on a budget. Imagine how special it would be if you had your wedding at you or your partners childhood home! The feels would be through the roof. Backyard weddings can be a great option for anyone with lots of land. If you don’t have room for a backyard wedding at your home, and feel comfortable asking a close loved one, they might be able to lend their land to you for your big day! So you’re getting the space for free, yay! Now you can spend your budget on tables, chairs, decor, a dance floor, etc. Make sure to put together a detailed list of everything you’ll need to transform your backyard into a reception space. There are many factors that go into it, so triple check that list so you don’t end up scrambling last minute for items you forgot.



Two brides walking out of a city hall after getting marries, both smiling and holding hands.
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Ah yes, the courthouse wedding. A tale as old as time. This is the most affordable you can get, coming in at a whopping $100 or less! In some areas, such as Washington DC, there’s no fee at all! Yes, you heard us right. The only downside to this, is that courthouses usually only allow a very small number of guests. But what if you still want to include a large group of people on your wedding day? Invite 5-10 of your closest family and friends to the courthouse to watch the I-Do’s go down, and then book a venue for a reception to party at with the rest of your loved ones!


Parks & Beaches

Bride in wheelchair kicking her leg up with a bouquet in hand, while groom tilts the wheelchair up. They are outside with Colorado mountains behind them.
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Beach weddings are kind of a hit or miss idea. On the one hand, you’ll get AMAZING photos, especially at sunset, but on the other hand, sand. Everywhere. Not a good feeling. On the bright side, many national and state parks and beaches are only a couple hundred dollars! Just check with the site’s local government for details on which permits you’ll need to acquire! Prices can definitely change based on the area and the number of guests you have, as well as having food and alcohol served, and the length of your wedding. Be prepared to pay for a few permits to make a scenic location, like a park or beach, your wedding destination!


Museums & Libraries

Two brides kissing in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art that's been lit up with rainbow lighting.

Smaller museums and libraries are a great option for a cheaper venue! They can have very reasonable prices compared to traditional venues, and you have the added bonus of being surrounded by books, artifacts, or art!



Wedding guests giving cheers to the bride and groom on a boat.

Renting a boat to have your wedding on is a great option for smaller weddings! Or, if you want to combine your honeymoon and wedding, get married on a cruise! Some cruise lines offer packages if you want to get married on the open sea!



Wedded couple embracing in front of a triangular peaked cabin in the woods.

If you’re unable to have an at-home wedding, this is a great second option that provides the space you’ll need to have a full wedding! On Airbnb you can actually filter your search results to show accommodations for events! You can rent out cabins, estates, beach houses, etc! This is especially a great option if your wedding is in the “off-season” as prices will usually be much cheaper! Do some digging around and you can find really unique spaces, like light houses or castle-style homes!


We hope this gave you a little bit of inspo for your wedding on a budget! Budget weddings take lots of strategic thinking and planning, so try to have an open mind about out of the box options!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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