Miniature Food for your wedding!

So…this might be my favorite post I’ve researched! If you read my Instagram today, you saw that I officially declared that I will—from here going forward—only be eating food in its miniature form. Life is too short not to. If we believe that “what is the meaning of life?” is the most important question one …

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Ways to make a grand entrance!

Do you remember in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation when Clark says, “We’re not just any family, we’re the Griswolds!” Well, you’re not just any Bride and Groom, you’re YOU! So make a grand entrance, damn it! I mean, I don’t want you to punch a moose in the nose, but you get the idea… …

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Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

I love flower bouquets. I like them big and small, but I always like them tightly packed and super dense. That’s just my style. Some people prefer flower bouquets that spray; some like more of the wildflower look, or the single flower. And, some people don’t want to carry a traditional flower bouquet at all …

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ring box that looks like a calendar with wedding date circled

Ring Boxes!

So, you just got your shiny new ring. It’s gorgeous and you can’t stop looking at it on your perfectly manicured hand. And then I come along talking about taking it off. What?! Actually, I’m here to talk about all the adorable ways you can safely store your ring when you should take it off—you …

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