Bridesmaid dresses that match, but aren’t the same

So, I’m kind of a control freak. And I’m also not. Somethings have to be perfect. Somethings I’m cool letting be just ok! Are you like that? Well, this is what we like about this trend: you get to be both. Having your bridesmaids wear semi-unique dresses allows you to control some parts of the look, but also give your maids the chance to add their opinions too! Whether it’s the color you want to be the same or the style, you get to have that control. But whichever of the two you don’t choose, that gets to be your bridesmaid’s choice! And then there are those unique brides that just say, “who cares” and lets their bridesmaids choose whatever makes them happy! This unicorn bride is rare. But shes’ out there…

So, what are the options you ask? Here’s some of the most popular:

1. Same style, different colors

I refer to this one as the paint chip style! You know when you go to the paint store and pull out the strips of colors and they have all the hues of that color on one strip? I could spend hours looking at that wall! That’s exactly what this style reminds me of. It is such a gorgeous way to maintaining your color palette, without being strict about the exact color. The only negative to this option is that not every body type looks amazing in the same style. If your maids are all of a similar shape, then this is a great option for you!


2. Same color, different styles

bridesmaids wearing dresses of the same color but different styles
Jared Platt Photography

When you want the most consistent look that still allows for some personal style, this is your best option. The best way to pull off this look is to identify a designer that offers this option. We strongly recommend using the same designer so that your dresses are indeed the exact same color. Most designers who offer this option have a huge range of colors from which to choose. Once you choose the color that best fits your wedding, you can let your bridesmaids choose which styles they love best.

3.  Different colors, different styles

bridesmaids wearing dresses with different styles and different colors
shelly and portugal photography

This is for our unicorn brides, who are willing to give up most of the control! If you want to avoid all pretense of matchy-matchy, this is the way for you to go! And it really can end up with your bridal party looking stunning! The best thing about this type of bridal party style is that it is so relaxed. You can have dress of various lengths, patterns, fabrics, and more! The one area where you do want to set some rules is in regard to the colors by complementary of one another. Use Pinterest and other blogs for inspiration – the internet is a big place with so many bridal ideas (if only this many ideas were readily available when I was getting married…sigh!)

Whatever you choose, make it your own. If it’s matchy-matchy you want, then do it! If you want to go full bohemian and give your bridesmaids control, do it! There is no wrong answer and whatever you choose will ultimately reflect you, because these are your besties – they know you and what you like! Just have fun with it!

Happy Wedding Planning!




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