ring box that looks like a calendar with wedding date circled

Ring Boxes!

So, you just got your shiny new ring. It’s gorgeous and you can’t stop looking at it on your perfectly manicured hand. And then I come along talking about taking it off. What?! Actually, I’m here to talk about all the adorable ways you can safely store your ring when you should take it off—you …

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oval three stone engagement ring in green velvet box

All about diamond shapes!

The first step, in many cases, for choosing your engagement ring is determining the shape of the diamond you like best. Shape describes the form of the diamond, as it is seen from above. Did you know the shape of the diamond you prefer may say something about your personality and style? Today we are …

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Guest Book Alternatives

Let’s be honest. There are only a handful of tangible ways you have to remember your wedding day after it’s over. Of course, you will have your wedding photos, and perhaps the top of your cake in your freezer for your first anniversary. The other way that people have used in the past to remember …

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