Unforgettable Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Adventurous Bride

the backs of four friends in kayaks looking at a mountain
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If you’d use the words dare devil, impulsive, or adventurous to describe yourself, you will LOVE these bachelorette party ideas! It’s typical for a bachelorette party to just have a relaxing weekend with your besties, but it’s also fun to do crazy unforgettable activities together! Let’s dive into these party ideas, shall we?


Jet Skiing

3 friends sitting on a jet ski

Whether you’re traveling to a tropical location for your bachelorette party, or staying close to home, if you can find a big enough body of water, consider renting jet skis! This activity is fun for an adventurous group of friends who love water sports! Ask if any party guests have go-pros and have them bring them along; the more videos the better! Take the clips you get and make a video montage of your bachelorette party!


Zip lining

friends ziplining in smoky mountains

Search up zip lining places in your area if you aren’t afraid of heights! Zipping over treetops and rivers with your besties will definitely create a core memory. Make sure to snap lots of pics to look back on (and to prove that you did it)!


rock climbing

friends taking a break rock climbing

Rock climbing, whether indoor or outdoor, can be a super fun activity to do with your friends! In Michigan you wouldn’t expect there to be any outdoor places to go, because there’s literally no mountains, but Grand Ledge near Lansing and Little Presque Isle near Marquette are beautiful options!


sky diving

woman sky diving holding peace signs in the air

You had to have known this one was coming! What’s more adventurous than sky diving? Finally tick off that bucket list and jump out of a plane with all of your besties!



friends parasailing

Again, if you’re partying near the ocean, or have a big enough lake close to home, search up some parasailing services near you! Parasailing can be fun for everyone, and it isn’t too scary! Try to go at sunset to get that beautiful photo op you deserve!


Shark cage diving

group of friends shark cage diving

Okay, so you might need to travel a bit for this one. Florida has the best shark diving in the US and is one of the top destinations for it in the WORLD. You are 100% guaranteed to see sharks on these tours, and get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures! This is something everyone thinks about doing, but never actually does! Be the small percentage who have the guts to try it out!


How fun would these parties be? They’re definitely unforgettable and will create some amazing memories with your friends! If none of these ideas sound appealing to your besties, try booking one of these activities on your honeymoon! Even if your partner isn’t as adventurous as you, we’re guessing that if they loved you enough to marry you, they wouldn’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone for you too!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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