Alternatives to Traditionally Walking Down the Aisle

No disrespect to anybody having their Dad walk them down the aisle on their wedding day! Unfortunately, some aren’t able to do this, or don’t want to do this! The tradition has some very misogynistic roots, so solely that is reason enough to skip out on having your dad walk you down the aisle. Alternatives to walking down the aisle are not commonly talked about in the wedding industry, so we wanted to share some other options in case you aren’t planning on sticking with tradition!


have both parents walk you down the aisle

groom walking down the aisle with his dad on his right and his mom on his left
Photo Courtesy of Gianny Campos

This doesn’t have to be limited to one person in the couple either! One partner could kick off the ceremony walking down the aisle with their parents, followed by their fiancé and their parents. There’s no reason we can’t put the focus on both people in the couple on the walk down! This is a great idea to honor both of your parents or parental figures on your big day.


walk yourself down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle alone in an outdoor wedding
Photo Courtesy of Carly Romeo & Co.

After all, this is your moment! Can we talk about how this is the ultimate power move? Independence is a foundation in every healthy couple and marriage, and walking down alone symbolizes that you’re still your individual person at the end of the day! It’s a super powerful alternative and will have you feeling like the badass you are!


walk with your partner

lesbian couple walking down the aisle with arms hooked together
Photo Courtesy of Annie Mulligan for the New York Times

Walking with your partner down the aisle is such a sweet thing to do! This last walk before marriage is something you and your fiancé will remember forever. Walking into the ceremony engaged, and out of it, married is a beautiful thing. This is a trend that has been growing over the past few years and we love love love to see it! Yes, guests may be bummed that they don’t get the reaction of whichever spouse is waiting at the alter, but if we’re being honest, that reaction is never as dramatic as we hope!


be in place and have your guests walk to you

wedding ceremony in front of Colorado mountains

This one is not common in the slightest, but it’s such a unique idea. For more introverted couples this could be the solution to the stage fright of walking down alone with the attention on only you. Instead, you and your partner are stood with the officiant ready to go, while your guests all come to you. Doing your ceremony this way eliminates the pressure and anticipation of waiting for the couple to come out, so if you are more introverted, we suggest taking this into consideration.


meet your partner in the middle and walk the rest together

couple walking down the aisle together in an outdoor wedding while guests throw confetti
Photo Courtesy of Olive Studio

This is also becoming a growing trend and we’re obsessed. The idea is to have an aisle that is a downward V shape, where you and your partner walk separately from either side and join in the middle to walk the rest of the way together! This is a good idea for couples who don’t want the full attention on one person walking down the aisle! It also symbolizes your separate walks of life joining together to share your lives with one another.


Breaking tradition can be tough, especially when there is a set “way” to do things when it comes to weddings. Or at least a set way that everyone is familiar with. At the end of the day, do whatever makes you and your partner comfortable and confident!



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