8 Unique Head Table Ideas

Figuring out seating for your wedding is hard. There’s only so much space and so many ways to layout a room, tent, barn, or loft. But you still want it to be unique. And there is nothing you want to be more unique than your head table. This is where you and your now-husband will enjoy your very first meal together. All eyes will be on you two – and your table. So how can you make it different so that people say “Wow!?” Well, we’ve pulled together our 8 favorite ways to make your head table get the attention it deserves.

1. Sweetheart Table

collage of three wedding reception sweetheart table designs
rhee bevere photograpy, one love photography

We love the sweetheart table. If you really want your first meal as husband and wife to be just the two of you, then the sweetheart table is your perfect option. We love all the ways the you can make this romantic table for two as simple or as elaborate as you want. Just look at the difference between the dramatic cascading ceiling installation with raised platform vs. the simple magnolia-draped burlap table on grass above? We love how the last image kind of falls somewhere in the middle with the sequin linen and wingback chairs.


2. Unique Lighting

collage of unique lighting option for over a head table at a wedding

Having lighting over your head table that is unique to all the other tables is a great way to make it the focal point of your reception. Edison bulbs, glass orbs, chandeliers, twinkle lights, candles are just a few of the options you can use. And the lights don’t just have to be over the table. You can use lights under your linen skirting, uplighting, or spotlighting as well. Help your head table guests see a little better and make it stand out? Win-win.


3.Unique Seating for Bride + Groom

collage of unique chair options for bride and grooms at head table includes loveseat thrones and comfy chairs

One way to make sure that you and your groom get ALL the attention at your reception is by having chairs unlike anyone else. Perhaps you want to snuggle up on a loveseat for two during dinner. Or relax in velvet overstuffed chairs as you nosh on your fabulous cuisine. How about treating yourselves like royalty and ordering thrones for you and your new King? Ok, a little over the top perhaps…but why feel like a princess on your wedding day when you can feel like a Queen!


4. Extravagant Runner

collage of wedding head table runner options including greenery flowers and old photographs

A runner is a great way to add some serious va-voom to your head table. Would you look at that floral runner up there ↗️ ?!! And I absolutely love the runner made of old pictures of loved ones at their weddings! Isn’t that so sweet? There are so many other ideas that could be just as fabulous: balloons, colorful linens, a sea of candles that run the length of the table…so fun.


5. Unique Backdrop

collage of three different backdrops for head tables at wedding

In case your subtle hint of his and her thrones doesn’t get your guests’ attention and let them know where to find you, a cool backdrop to your head table can also be fun, formal, whimsical, or just plain pretty. I’m pretty obsessed with the paper cranes above, but not it to do all that folding! You better get that super crafty cousin of yours to start that project way in advance cause that’s a lot of cranes! Most rental companies offer boxwood walls that you can use as backdrops and with some chalk paint, girl…you can make yourself that sweet chalkboard sign! #savingmoneybaby


6. Floral Canopy

collage of three options for floral canopies over wedding head table

I am SO obsessed with floral canopies right now. I mean, you’d really have to make this a big chunk of your budget, but just wow. Talk about a statement piece for your reception! I especially love the candle holders hanging from these over the head table. If this doesn’t impress your guests, then damn…who’s weddings are they going to? We are so lucky to have some amazing florists right here in West Michigan. I guarantee if you call any of them and say the words “floral canopy,” you’ll probably hear them jumping up and down, ’cause they love them too!


7. Different Table

collage of table options for wedding head table including u shaped table farm table and formal dining table

I like the idea of having a totally different kind of table for the head table. It can be the kind of table, like a formal dining room or farm table. Or a different shape is a cool way to set you and your bridal party apart from the rest of your guests. You could have a U-Shaped table, a rectangle table, or a round table in the center of a bunch of rectangle tables for your guests. Work with your venue on your options; there might be more than you think!


8. Labeled Chairs

collage of three options for bride and groom signs on the backs of chairs at wedding reception

So here is definitely where you can have some fun. Or be sappy. Or just plain make it beautiful. My favorite one I saw was “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right.” I giggled. Yes, everyone knows you’re the bride and groom. I mean, you’ve got the white dress on. It’s pretty obvious. But still…you only get to be the bride once so wear the dress, sit in a damn throne, and put a sign on it already!


Hopefully, you’ve got some new ideas on how to make your head table amazing! What are you going to do to set yourselves apart?

Happy Wedding Planning!


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