5 Non-Essential Wedding Items to Cut From Your Budget

We’re here to share some non-essential wedding costs that you can cut out of your budget right now, because let’s face it. Weddings. Are. Expensive. This isn’t new information we just thought we should stress you out even more than you already are! Jokes aside, we want you to be able to save as much as you can when it comes to wedding costs. That being said, some wedding costs that are normalized in the wedding industry, aren’t essential, so let’s get into it!


Welcome Bags

wedding guest welcome bag
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Yale Photography

Some couples like to give welcome bags to their out of town wedding guests! While it’s a nice gesture, it’s not expected of you and you could save a lot by not providing them! To show your out of town guests that you appreciate them traveling, consider planning a night out with them and showing them your favorite spots around your city instead.


Dinner menus

wedding dinner menu sitting on a wooden placemat

Okay, we live for stationary aesthetics, but this one is just kind of silly. Guests most likely already know what they’re getting if they checked chicken or veggie on their invites, so there’s no use for a menu. Dinner menus can cost up to $150, and while that may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, you could shovel this money into pricier wedding costs like floral archways or tipping your vendors.


wedding favors

wedding favors (mints, matches, and a seed packet) against a beige background
Photo Courtesy of Chloe Jeong

Wedding favors are cute but if they aren’t actually useful, many guests will end up leaving them behind. So many couples say the one regret they have is spending money on wedding favors! Wedding favors are a non-essential wedding cost that you can cut out easily, so if you’re thinking about it, we say go for it.


ceremony programs

bride holding wedding ceremony program

Just like dinner menus, ceremony programs are not essential! If you want one as a keepsake for you and your partner, nobody said you can’t print one to save for yourself! The info on the program like bridal party’s connection to the newlyweds, the songs played in the ceremony, and the scriptures, aren’t necessary and we can almost guarantee nobody will miss them if they aren’t there!


the bridal party

bridal party popping champagne in the bathroom
Photo Courtesy of Dmitry Shumanev Production

Okay, we know this isn’t a popular option, but bridal parties are soooo expensive! You’ve probably never even been to a wedding without a bridal party, but it’s a great idea to cut them altogether if you’re having a small wedding or just want to keep your costs low! Between gifts, hair and makeup, tux rentals, etc. they rack up a lot of money. To many couples it’s important to have a wedding party, and if that’s you, by all means keep them! But for those who can live without it, simply invite your besties as wedding guests!




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