5 Important Getting Ready Photo Tips

One of the most memorable aspects of planning a wedding is all the time you spend with the incredible group of friends you choose to be part of your wedding party. From the shower to the bachelorette weekend to the wedding itself, you will share so many special moments with your bridesmaids. That’s why we love the “getting ready” photo trend so much — it’s a perfect way to preserve those memories. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure the photos are as beautiful as the moments they capture.


Set the Stage

Silver shoes of the bride , perfume, bouquet and wedding rings on the dressing table near the mirror

To ensure you get beautiful getting ready photos with your bridesmaids, Holden Bassett-Alee, Creative Director of Holden Michael Events, says make sure you “stage” the room where the photos will be taken. That means storing suitcases, bags, and any other distracting items in a closet or different room, ensuring they won’t be in the shots. Another pro tip: “Place your perfume, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories nearby so those can be captured by the photographer. It’s also nice to have your bouquet delivered early enough to be included,” Bassett-Alee says.


Get the Look

bride sitting on stool in big feathery bridal robe surrounded by bridesmaids in yellow robes
Photo Courtesy of Johnson Photography

Whether it’s matching pajamas or personalized robes, coordinated “getting ready” looks make fantastic bridesmaid gifts and will also help your photos look cohesive. (We love the options available in our shop) Also make sure to remove any extra accessories that won’t be worn during the ceremony, such as hair ties on your wrists, fitness watches, and other casual jewelry. When it’s time to get dressed for the ceremony, have your bridesmaids put on their dresses first so they look picture perfect and there are no distractions in the photos of you stepping into your dress.


Give Yourself Time

bride hugging bridesmaid
Photo Courtesy of Chantal Elise Photography

When getting ready for your wedding, give yourself the buffer of as much extra time as possible, says Chantal Roeske of Chantal Elise Photography. “Things will inevitably pop up and take longer than expected, and extra time means you’ll be better equipped to handle any surprises,” she says. Roeske also suggests delegating critical tasks that can overload you. “Being present and having time to focus on yourself makes for lovely pictures,” she says. “No matter the lovely venue or perfect light, nothing can match the true beauty of peace, happiness, and joy. Releasing stress is hands down the fastest track to taking images that you’ll love and cherish forever.”


Family Matters

Mother of the bride helping her daughter get dressed.

Make sure to include your mother, grandmother, and other special family members in your getting ready photos, particularly when it’s time to put on your gown. Seeing you in your gown on your wedding day is an emotional moment for your family and you’ll want to capture it, especially if you’re wearing any family heirlooms such as jewelry, a vintage wedding gown, or hair accessories.


Enjoy the Moment

Women celebrate a bachelorette party of bride. Group of female sitting on bed and toasting champagne glasses at home. Focus on champagne flutes.

Don’t let yourself get too caught up in taking the perfect photo. Be in the moment with your bridesmaids so you capture the authentic excitement and joy you’ll no doubt be feeling on your wedding day. “These photos are meant to be candid,” says wedding planner Bassett-Alee. “So have fun, sip a mimosa, and trust that your photographer will capture these moments perfectly.”


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