4 Tips for Saving Hundreds on Your Wedding Dress

Black woman standing in a wedding dress looking over her shoulder in a wedding dress shop.
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In 2021, the average wedding dress costs $1,089-$1,429. This is the price excluding any add-ons, alterations, or any personalized touches. If you’re planning a budget wedding and your heart just stopped a little, take a deep breath! We’re here to help you save as much as you can on your wedding dress with these tips!


Rent a dress!

Black woman trying on a wedding dress.
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Many are quick to discard the idea of renting a dress right away, but there are some awesome pros to doing this! First of all, you can find a beautiful designer dress for a FRACTION of the cost. According to the New York Times, dresses rent up to 85% off their retail price on websites like Borrowing Magnolia! Yes, it’s fun to keep your wedding dress tucked away (but still in your possession) for the memories, but how many times do you actually unbox it in your life? Unless you’re planning on wearing your wedding dress more than once, or are planning on passing it down in the future, renting a dress definitely saves you some closet space too. Plus, you always have your photos and videos to look back on if you would like to see your dress again!


Have an idea of what you want!

A young bride with her friend choosing wedding dress.

Get your notepads out, because some heavy research needs to be done if you want a discount! Before wedding dress shopping, come up with a list of styles and designers you’re into! This way, when you’re researching boutiques and calling around, you know the specifics of what to ask for. When you go into a boutique with what you want in mind it saves you time, alleviates stress, and as a bonus, many boutiques offer a 10% discount if you buy your dress the first day you come in! 


Rock a short dress!

Bride and groom standing on a balcony while groom sprays champagne.
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If you’re planning on getting married in a tropical location, a short dress might be the way to go; that heat is no joke! Short wedding dresses are typically cheaper than long ones, and they are a great option for last minute elopements, as they are more readily available than long dresses! If you aren’t sold yet, some more pros include: Providing you with great mobility for dancing, the option to wear your dress more than once, and they go against tradition (if that’s your jam)! 


Look for sample sales and resale sites!

Sample wedding dresses on a rack.
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Keeping an eye out for options like this can end up saving you a lot of money! Sample sales will be anywhere from 10-50% off! If you don’t mind them being tried on before you, buying a sample dress is a great option, as they come in a wide range of designers, prices, and styles! Resale sites are also a great option for saving money, with some dresses being sold at half price. 


We hope these tips give you some inspiration for saving money on your wedding dress! Wedding planning on a budget is no easy feat, but keeping your options open to ideas like these really does help get the cost down more than you would think! 

Happy Wedding Planning!


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